Monday, December 7, 2009

maybe not.

greetings charms, seems that i'm back on track to update this baby. i haven't put my butt off busy updating my blog yet, still searching for appropriate times since i'm so preoccupied with my schedules. i'm improving. well, at least.

miserable days i've went through put me in a deep down position, real deep. realizing the miles which are adding up and the days which are counting down didn't really work out if my decision is to remain this way. cut the jet black from my hair before we're bathed in the dawn. yeah, i'm fully grown. not really, 'cause i'm still figuring out to become a lil bit taller. please?

life taught us and thoughts twist words. infinity of life existed and exists since life is ever-changing. i've never put an end in my life, 'cause every end begins with a starting point. yes, i just received my result and it was...indescribable?

Bahasa Melayu - 90 [A]
Bahasa Inggeris - 84 [A]

Pendidikan Agama Islam - 87 [B+]
Sejarah - 85 [A]
Mathematics - 87 [A]
Additional Math - 83 [A]

Physics - 75 [A]
Chemistry - 74 [B+]
Biology - 74 [B+]

Pendidikan Jasmani dan kesihatan- 88 [A] :D
Pendidikan Sivik dan kewarganegaraan - 87 [A]

pointer ----> 3.86 -.-

PJK and PHYSICS relieve me but my pointer drops 0.01 and it's probably because of my laziness. well, IT IS. thank God i've noticed some dogs and cats went berserk over mates which have given me at least some wake up call while my neighbours are having their very World War which have at least inspired me to go to my room and not-to-busy-body but to study instead, my vacations are great enough but nothing would be greater if i spend my time sleeping at home and pay my abandoned sleeping debt instead. yes, i'm still down.

he's moving back to his home town next year. i have no right to stop him, yes but no, i dont. i've hurted him so much and the only thing i hope from him is his apology. maybe his friends or even my friends would say i'm cruel much but i'm really lucky to have such an understanding friend like him 'cause he's the only one who'd understand everything and i hope it is for real. i'll be definitely missing him, his memories, everything about him..


sometimes, i would ask myself or maybe just a lil wish for myself to have the only thing i've been missing for all this while. i've been sooo demanding, asking for stupid things for my own good and finally i realized how selfish i was. but please, if this is the only demand or the last wish i would hope for, the only thing i would ask for is another chance.

if only i could ask for another chance and get things back to normal, everything will be fine, isn't it? if only i could ask for another chance to explain everything, everything will be better than this, isn't it? if only, i could ask for another chance to just see him a lil while, everything just won't vanish away just like this...

but no..the only thing to demand, or maybe just wish is a sincere apology. i'm sorry.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

losing my mojo.

"Bella, i couldnt live myself if i ever hurt you.
you dont know how it's tortured me.
the thought of you still, white, cold..."

new moon's movie is okay but i'm really not okay. new moon's book is better but i'll never feel any much better. Jacob is great but drinking milo with Jacob's biscuit would be greater. Edward is hot but Jacob is way much hotter. no matter what team will i choose, it doesn't really matter.

'cause honestly, i dont even give a damn about it.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

i'm mourning.

every single life will come to the end, it's just the matter of time

my grandma had just passed away. i'm recovering. too many things happened, and i know my friends are questioning. about my relationship status, i'm single and thats the end. i'm just not ready for any more commitment. please understand. and after this, i might not be the same anymore. life's been soo hard. i'm truly dissapointed of myself. and, if you're questioning why did i do 'this' to him, i have my own reason. i'm really down. please, i'm not ready and i really need some time.

i'm mourning and recovering.

moans and groans are thrown, mourn wont be forever. neither fame nor fortune, only prayers would be grown.

Friday, November 20, 2009


i am now figuring out what to do next. it seems soooo restless out here. just managed to unpack my things, sort out my thousand kinds of reference books until i realized that i've been living like hell for these two months without HANDPHONE.

yes, i'm still alive. but till then i realize,
my damn precious SIMCARD went missing!
and now, i think i'm no longer alive.

i have no idea what to do now. i thought he would call me as soon as he came home, but that damnn fool simcard...arghhhhh...

school went sooo wrong, i'm feeling down. fortunately my physics turned an A1, at least it relieves me. but all i can say, add math was challenging this time. oh please, JUST KILL ME.

unfortunately, exam was not the only absurdity. my bunch of holiday plans cracked my mind out of my head. too many plans at a time, definitely another absurdity. and, i have to master 9 murdering subjects from A-Z. drown me or soak me in some sophisticated washing machine. anyone? huh, now this one absurd.

btw, i'm looking for some functional simple phone, and it must be NOKIA. any suggestion? ohh, but this abundantly absurd. no budget. no worries, hoping list, or maybe i should say, ABSURD HOPING LIST? stupid.

btw, latest me. worse or worst?

istiq, me and amirah.

and, am i allowed to point out another absurdity?
damn sh*t, absurdities abused me!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

serious II

current place : library.

i told my friends about it and now, i'm feeling better. i didn't know how it's going to be but i think i've made my decision, i guess.

it's too complicated. i wanna get things off, but it seems ridiculous. okay, the story sounds this way. he is too kind, too perfect and most of all, he's too hopeful. i don't know how should i describe him, but he's the most perfect guy i had ever have, i mean, as a friend.

i just wish i could remain our relationship this way, but he's going overboard. i didn't know whether this time was overboard or something, but his feelings is more than mine. well, yeah, it's a good thing but i'm really afriad.

i didn't know what am i afraid of. i just don't want him to put high hope on ridiculous things. i just don't want him to not to be him and most of all, i don't want him to get hurt. i just wish he'll remain happy, but not overexcited.

but he's too hopeful. maybe it was only some imaginative story he wrote, but really, he's writing the story of me and him. sort of like, love, he dedicated a poem to me too..well, how sweet would that be, aite? but, come'on, this ain't some romeo-and-juliet story. be realistic, please. i'm not blaming things on you. i'm just trying to be rational here.

actually, there's nothing happened between me and him. maybe it's just me, paranoid. but please GOD, help me, i really really wanna get things off, well not really all, just limit everything.

i'll stick to my promises. just friend.


i think he's going overboard. i mean, he's serious. seriously, i really didn't want these things happen, especially when it comes to this stage. trust me, it's gonna blow off.

i don't think what i've done for all this while is a wise thing. i think he's going too far, further than what i've thought. i didn't expect him to be this serious. it's not that i don't wanna be serious, it's just that, i'm only 16 and hello? what i have to think about is MY STUDY.

xxx, tell me that you'll remain friend with me, forever, please?? :(

please GOD, help me out.

i think i should finish it off. he started it and i'm the one who will end it.
yes, i'm doing it. for the sake of me, and him too.

Monday, August 31, 2009

that feelings?

have you ever felt someone is the one just right by your side but afraid to tell everything for one and only reason that you might afraid the present relationship will fade away?

i'm having it now. i told my my best friend, i don't trust boyfriend. and i don't know which nerve on my mind tells me that boyfriends are temporary but that special one may be last even longer.

i'm not sure if he is the one. it's complicated 'cause i'm still young and i haven't discover the outside yet. i'm too young to decide these things but it seems right. well, maybe i'm considered young, but it doesn't mean that i can't be mature.

so, think nabila, be mature, your life isn't only here. there's thousands more obstacles, happiness, various kind of people out there that you haven't know yet. hold on tight with your promises before, nabila. keep those feelings away, pull it away but please don't throw it.

look, i'm deciding now. it won't vanish or fade away. it will just remain that way. you and me will be just friend, not more than that. i have my own track, same goes to you. we still have a long way to run, please don't make me stop here.

i love you as a friend.

btw, i'm going back to hostel today. really sorry for not updating. i just don't want to say about homework, it didn't lift any of my burden anyway. just some sloppy words here. and not to forget,

it's 52nd Independence Year of Malaysia, people :)

p/s : i desperately need advises. please, help me out. fera, fazrina, sheena, iman, anyone?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

a longgg deep breath people.

activity week had finally OVER ! whoohooo ! i had it all; fun, joy, sorrow, dirts and most of all, a stronger friendship tide :)

lots of activities had been held which are quite exciting actually. well, to be honest, i didn't really into those activities at first 'cause it requires hard work which is total lazy for me to even touch it, specifically, the musical drama.

and trust me or not, our class was the winner for this exhausting, tiring, burdening musical drama. YAY ! we didn't even expect that we could go that far, i mean, even to the final... and now, we won the whole competition? still, i didn't believe it.

it all started with afiq's brilliant idea. the story was about love story and unfortunately, 4 indie's drama was exactly the same as ours. and i've got to change the whole thing the night before the competition since i was the script writer. and some stupid nerves in my mind told me an incredible crazy idea which is a lil stupid too at first. i changed the whole lovey-dovey story into some thriller movie that had made some of the juniors cried. CRIED? yes, they did.

it was thrilling. the story started with two harmony families which is about to be tied with relationships between their children. but happy moments changed in a sudden when one of them died. it was tragedy too when the sister, ME, was killed with no mercy. haha. and the killer, ricco, was really good in mood-changing, acting, dancing...everything. and the story ends with the death of everyone, except for the murderer's father who had killed his own son at the end of the story.

haha, kinda funny though 'cause the story didn't really make sense. plus, we didn't even practice for the drama and it was our LAST MINUTE work and thank God, we managed to get the first prize. haha. xD

besides musical drama, we also had picnic for homeroom. lots of fun especially when it comes to cooking! hihi, tadaaa!

various recipe. yum yumm :)

this is ours. our unknown name chicken. i cooked it btw :)

our hard work worth it :)

participated in fashion show too. looked a lil ugly but who cares? haha.

okay, the shorty is me -____-

had more fun in kampung night. kinda dissapointed though 'cause our performance didn't really work out here. but no matter what it takes, i loveeee my class, i love 4 Kreatif ! muackss ;D


and for outdoor activities, we had basketball, netball, football, explorace etc.

only managed to takes pic at where i'm incharged :(

4K and 4A vs 4S, 4I and 4P.

and we win again! hihi. that's all for now. gtg. more updates on hols and..
HAPPY FASTING ! a few more days people ! :DD

Sunday, August 2, 2009

it's 0124.

grabbed this from andy's blog.
from left : ema, me, inma, najla, andy and fera.

it's 0124 already and i'm still awaken. too many things to be written after being away for weeks. camp, competitions, interviews, award day etc. felt burdened sometimes, no, actually it's most of the time. if only i could have some lovey-dovey day without work. yeah right.

btw, new template i have here, cupcakes template and attention please, this ain't some cupcakes online sale. just adored with those cutie cupcakes :D

okay, i've lots of work to do. next week is an activity week. i hate it when it comes to such activities. it's one week school day without BOOKS and stress. sound fun but apparently it's more burdening than what we expected. trust me, i rather open up my 10 inches thick book than wasting my whole week with some hectic and tiring stuff.

i participate in fashion show and musical drama. and the rest is COMPULSORY while some not. gahh, why didn't they have some relaxing activity, like..sleep for the whole day, eat two trips in every lounge, draw anything we like on the school wall or do some indoor shopping at the koperasi instead?

ridiculous. they'll never have those things. will never ever have.

am working out on something hard right now, writing script for drama. squeezing my head to do so and i hope blogging will help. unfortunately, it doesn't really help.

that's all people. looking for more inspirations. goodnight people.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

alone ≠ lonely

it's been #%$&@ months since my last relationship. never thought of getting a new one, never thought of anyone either. just me and my own life.

i'm sicked of those things. sicked of everything that i've done, everything that i've wasted yesterdays. wasting for something that will never end my waiting. wanting for something that will never ban me from waiting. what i've done for all this while is just waiting.

it's a slap in the face when i knew my ex starts dating again while i'm not. a punch on my face too when i knew that i still have feelings for my ex while he's not. and now, it's the stupidest thing that i've ever knew for doing such a thing, it's like some bitch waiting for some dogs.

i received my very own wake up call when i stepped into a whole new world. a world which is a total nerd for me at first but it then turns me to a matured girl who had finally believed in fate instead of chasing something undefined. yes, i believed in fate more than i do yesterday.

my %&@# ex text me yesterday. i didn't know where the hell did he get my number from. he knew that i'm back. i mean, came back home. yeah, btw, i'm home. he asked me for some date which i considered as a stupid date. he owns a girlfriend, a moron i might say. i rejected him but he's offering for watching the latest movie, HARRY POTTER but still, i'm on my words, it's a NO. well, such a waste. but no worries, i'm buying it's CD or DVD or whatever related to harry potter.

he asked me about relationship. i mean my relationship. kinda offended, awkward at the same time. he told me that he's single, specifically, broken up with his last girlfriend. so what? did i ask for it? no. i don't care at all. see, guys are just too ego and dependent. they rely on girls but they deny it. they need girls by saying that they love the girl but they actually NEED girls. so what if you didn't have girlfriend? and so what if i didn't have boyfriend? i'm still alive, stupid guy!

YES, i'm perpetually single. even if i meet someone's great, i won't date him till i've finished my spm. i've had those friends who have to have a boyfriend all the time and as soon as it doesn't work out with one, they jump into another one within 24 hours and that's HUMILIATING! what would happen if you were stuck in a relationship with someone who wasn't right for you, just because you were lonely? being alone is just not the same as being lonely.

besides, what for hoping for something that probably didn't last long? it'll only leave wounds or worse, a broken heart. what exactly relationship for? what does it mean anyway? it means nothing.

i believe in fate. someday, somehow, i'll meet my true love but not now. i believe in fairy tales and i have to believe in love. a lil advice to all teens here, *those who're having relationship now*; if you guys are really meant to be together, you'll meet each other when the time comes, no matter what happened. so, what for having some undefined relationship now?

okay, i'm alone but it doesn't mean that i'm lonely. i'm just happy with my life right now and that's what i call freedom.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


ok, everything's getting better. i guess. i'm forgiven, same goes to her. but for sure, she'll never forget what happened on that very day. and me? i've forgotten, well almost except the fact that i've to be 'shooed' out of her best friends' room. but nvm, someday, she'll know it feels to be shooed. haha. xD


so move'on to my life. i'm having a very very pleasent day. obviously, it's because of my next trip. haha, yeah right, TRIP. and this trip will be the worst trip ever since i'll be living in the jungle for like 72 hours 3 days to be exact continuosly and i'll be then looked like a tarzan, well, not really a tarzan, wife of his could be better :D

it's a camp. a pandu puteri's camp at kota putra, terengganu. so, again, off we go! and recently, i've been living like i've some boyfriends. i mean it, BOYFRIENDS. haha, not really boyfriends, it's just some scandals in the phone. hihihi ;D

i didn't know that someone took my phone number when i'm in MRSM Batu Pahat. every day of my life there goes with the flow except for this one guy, kept staring at me whenever i was there. ok, he's PUM, incharged for the kiosk everyday. i still remember the last sweater i bought from him and surprisingly, he did TOO.

i received an unknown phone call when i reached tawau. i text the person and he said, he was the one who sold the last sweater to me. i mean, WTH? i didn't even know who the hell he was. well, of course, we talked a few times but then almost most of them 'laughed' at our BM, i mean our SABAHAN BM which is a BAKU to them which i 100% disagree with. okay, i'm quite mad with that matter. whatever.

so, move on to my story, so, now, we're texting each other for almost everyday. idk, he seems cute, probably. we've met each other for sometimes...yeah, and he wished to meet me again in TUNAS SAINTIS in Balik Pulau this October. it's about science thingy and i hope, once again, i was chosen to go there :)

pray for me :DD

besides him, there's another him sms me. this time, i didn't know which one is him. i mean, another him. but for sure, this two HIMs is from the same school, MRSM Batu Pahat. so, whatever. okay, an explanation here, WE'RE JUST FRIENDS. for the time being. hihi.

that's all for now. till then :)

Monday, July 13, 2009


i'm having the worst fight right now. for God sake, it's the worst fight ever, i mean for this week. it was between me and someone who's obviously a paranoid person who'd ONLY think for the sake of herself and would only think for her own good which is totally NOT MATURED of specifically, IMMATURE !

i'. quite mad of this situation well actually YES, i'm very mad of her. she's kind of person that would only rely on the others but would never think of the others. i don't care if she's paranoid or something 'cause for God sake, i love her as a friend but for sure, i don wanna make it obvious. honestly, i don't like to show my love to someone i loved or maybe i don't know how to express those feelings but come'on laa, you're big enough to judge which one is right and which one is wrong.

and i think both of us had done some stupidest silliset mistake ever.

ok, f and i want to help you, yes we did. last night's situation had nothing to do with our condition in the past. i've always knew that i often hurt you but think again, that's for your own good. okay, maybe i sound hush to you, but that's the way i am. i can't make myself become some feminine girl who would pursue you, give you wake up call every second of your life til the end of your life. speak it for real, I'M SICK OF YOU.

yes, i'm cruel, violent, or terorist you might say. whatever, i don't care. and it's time for me judge you, you're kind-hearted but selfish, emotional and most of all you're SENSITIVE.

so, whatever,. if you wanna remain this way, it's up to you then. i've no more right to change you and i don;t think i can do this anymore. i gave up and it's all up to you, my friend.

p/s: it's just a broken piece of mine, ignore it if you don't understand. dedicated to someone.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i wanna go home :(

after being away for 5 days, i've made my decision. i've heard so many things about me when i'm not in tawau. people has been talking about it lately and i felt really uncomfortable with it. i'm so not in the mood right now. it seems like i don't wanna come back here again. i wanna get away from this hell school, technically, from those HELL PEOPLE. YES i do.

i'm having a really2 bad mood right now. terribly need someone who understands me. but it seems like i have no one right now. my soul ain't here, my heart ain't here, everything's just not right. i just wish i can go back to Batu Pahat and spend my whole life there. yeah, btw, i've just came back from Batu pahat for Math Carnival.

we've reached the final stage for our computer project, but unfortunately we won nothing. but out of 44 MRSM, we're the top 10, it's quite a great achievement what :) but nywy, congrats to farhana nabilah from MRSM batu pahat, my new friend, they got the first prize for computer project + diivan for getting the best debater among every MRSM in Malaysia. if you get to know him, he's really nice and a mad one.

indeed, it was great to get new friends, new environment and most of all NEW CLOTHES. trust me or not, i've bought 7 tees and i spent quite a number on tees ONLY. they're designed one, just for mrsm students only. they're awesomely cool ! :D but despite of my happiness there, i'm NOT HAPPY here.

no one will ever understand me. it's too complicated to be written here but i'm sure i'm relieved after quite a time leaving this hell school and now, i'm back again, meeting the same persons, who always talk behind my back and it's annoying.

current mood : indescribable.

p/s : about my last post, ignore it. it was more complicated than what i've written :(

Saturday, June 27, 2009


when it happened this way, all you have to do is to be neutral.

but i'll never be completely neutral. it's not that i wanna side any of them, but please, gimme some time to settle down.

ok, i'm currently involved in a boys' fight, involved indirectly. i hate it when it comes to this way, when guys fight because of a girl, (not fighting OVER a girl) and the girl is me. *this ain't about edward-vs-jacab-love story.* i don't consider this prob as relationship prob 'cause it's more to a friendship prob. it's been three years being friend with you two and i didn't wish to end this friendship just because of some silly mistakes that one of us did.

ok, i admit it, somewhere, somehow, i'm wrong. but please, you two, perhaps one of you is reading this, stop your ego please? why didn't you both settle down and just solve it PEACEFULLY?

i know, guys ain't girls.

and i'm not one of you. i didn't know how it feels to be a guy, i didn't know how it feels to be a boyfriend to a girlfriend, i didn't know how it feels to be a male student but despite of those feelings, i know how it feels to be a girl who had stucked in the middle. after you both came to me separately, at the same day, told me everything that i should know, i felt very, very guilty. if only i could give up, leave you two behind and let everything goes with the flow.

but it wasn't that easy. it took me nights and days thinking of both of you. look, no matter how ego were both of you, i know, you two need each other soo sooo much. please don't fight over a little thing. you're big enough to choose the right.

to be honest, i'm truly disappointed of you, Mr S. i thought you're the best for him, but it seems a NO. Mr. S, he's trying to change himself, please except him for the way he is. he didn't mean those things to be happened. he really needs you right now. all you have to do is to be with him, guide him, accompany him against all odds.

my advice, don't be that sensitive. and to Mr A (who'd used to be a best friend of Mr S), please change your attitude. you're almost hated by everyone in your hostel. behave yourself please and don't fight over the littlest thing. it ain't worth it.

so, that's all for the time being. about the post going to Kuala Terengganu, i'm actually going to MRSM Kota Putra, Besut, at terengganu. not kuala terengganu :)

and can't wait to fly off, off we go! BATU PAHAT :DD

till then, miss you too fazrina. looking forward to meeting you next hols. miss you like HELL.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

in class :p

am now having sains komputer class...not that boring..we're having photoshop tutorial right now...which are quite boring honestly..hehe..who cares..

ok, i've one's so puzzling...
it's about these two friends of mine..and they're my boyfriend..
i mean, friends who are MALE in gender...
it's more to a friendship thing...

what will you do when one of them wants to be more than friend?

to be honest, i love everything to be in this way..everything's just flowing flowly..
everything's just fine, until the day he said that..
then, everything's's really awkward to be more than friend to your bestfriend..

gtg now..teacher's checking evrywhere.. see yaa..
and please reply me..give some opinion please..
desperately need it :(

btw sheena, i saw your hubby post, it's sooooo romantic.. :D

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i'm still alive, people :)

it was awesome here..
guess what..internet is OFFICIALLY USABLE IN MRSM TAWAU people!!!!
yeah, you Know, for my entire life here, well not exactly, just for these few months, i've been living like a jakunist..specifically, a living without uncool.. -___-

well, not nymore.. smiley face again!!
smile with me people !! smile !! *wink wink* :D

ok, my school's normal. some students went gay, probably 'cause of pointer aka PNG. i got ranking number 3 for the whole form 4 and yes, thank God :D, my pointer is quite good too, haha, yeah right...3.88 =)

so, here's my result :)

BM 88%
BI 84%
Math Mod 80%
Add Math 87%
Bio 90%
Chem 88%
Phy 71%
Sej 93%
Ag Islam 88%
*not to forget, PJK is included in pointer too*
and fyi, my PJK sucks, 71%

actually my pointer is just 0.01 different from the ranking number 2..which i don't give any damn of anyway..ok, fine...quite good whatt..but still need some hard work..and fyi, ranking number one is soo sooo soo much GAY, 3.94..that was totally amazing..

lastest about me, flying off to Batu Pahat, Johor early of July and at the end of july, going to Kuala Terengganu...the Johor one is for Math Carnival and the KT is for PANDU PUTERI..haha, a lil shocked when i wrote these two words heh?? who'd expect i'll join these girlie things??!! haha, sometimes, people change.. xD

well, that's all for now..struggling my head with some computer project for math carnival right now..hugs and kisses to all bloggersss..
especially to fazrina, izza, sheena, iman, fatney, eiya, kay, myaa, wawa etc..
miss you all so damn muchhhhhh ! :DD

p/s: thanks for reading my post nyway. i've nothing much to blog abt. just a lil update peeps :)

not to forget too,

and btw, if you've any comments or complain perhaps, please DON'T use my chatbox..use the comment tools instead. 'cause my school had banned cbox and i was unable to see ur comments...


Saturday, June 13, 2009

stupid KLIA.

am now at KLIA.

spending my time here in some stupid cafe which charged me RM10 for 50 minutes of using internet. stupid cafe..gahh, i'm sooooooooooo regret for not bringing my super-duper heavy laptop here. but whatever it takes, i've wasted my precious 10 ringgit for something stupid here...yeah, blogging.

and yeah btw, i've snooped around sheena's blog and kay's private blog just now. i wish to convey my greatest congratulations for sheena's brand new hair, it was really really NICE :D

and kay, i love your private blog, 'cause i'm sooooo sooooo in love with lucas and that GAY boy, ADAM LAMBERT. WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !! so what if he's a gay?? xD

i love you, ADAM LAMBERT !

move on, my life in KL was really UNcool. getting bored her, i mean it was really boring here. going to the same places everyday..and obviously, there's no handsome boy..if do, they're mostly taken. BOOHOOOO..and their girlfriends are the BICTHEST girlfriend ever!! ok stop flying off to kk today at 9.50pm. stupid MAS airline..we've to get another flight tomorrow to get back to tawau. stupid, stupid hols. and tonight, i'm gonna spend my night at KKIA, and it was a total SUCKSSSS...

and to my so-called devoted companions, who'd always snoop around my blog and look at my craps, thanks a lotttt. :DD
i'm totally busy for this two weeks.
no time for replying comments...soo sorry :)

and for sheena, i'm actually incharged for your tuition thing in my school. but i didn't see you at my school...tell me what class are you in.. curious to know here.. :)

and and, do you think there's handsome guy in my school nywy? ;p

Monday, June 8, 2009

short update here.

flying off to KL at 2.00pm. gonna get ready now.. but i'm have no mood for it. I DESPERATELY NEED SOME REST ! and yeah, just came back from LD last night, cousin's wedding and it was wonderful, upload the pics later. and, just wanna say goodbye here. it's gonna be a long vacation. THE WHOLE WEEK ! until this Sunday and i'll be back on Sunday too. gahh, enjoy heh? no, it's not. it's tiring. but anyway, i've booked 4 twilight series from a friend of mine in KL ! hahahaha ! yes, i'm a twilight freak ! and that's the main purpose of going to KL besides shopping. hihi.. gonna get ready now..i still haven't pack my things..haha, i'm LAZAYYYYY. xD


p/s: so sorry for not rplying comments. it's tiring baby. :(

Friday, June 5, 2009

i was truly inspired.

Obama says the Muslim call to prayer is "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth."

i was kinda shocked to see this and today, to my surprise again, Obama said something that was truly, AMAZING. there were no fist bumps, but there were many interesting moments during Obama's speech in Cairo. the moment that got the most attention, in Search anyway, was Obama's use of "assalamualaikum."

said the President too: "I'm also proud to carry with me the goodwill of the American people, and a greeting of peace from Muslim communities in my country: Assalaamu alaykum."

after the speech, searches soared on the greeting, its meaning, and translation. according to the Islamic Dictionary, it literally means: "Peace be upon you." it is actually a shortened form of a phrase that translates to "Peace be unto you and so may the mercy of Allah and His blessings."

even in his other speeches, the president is using quotes from the Holy Quran several times, including this key quote that drew big applause: "The Holy Quran teaches that whoever kills an innocent, it is as if he has killed all mankind; and whoever saves a person, it is as if he has saved all mankind."

look, i love Barrack Obama. so what if he's black? damn, he inspired me so much. his presidency proved that he is truly an amazing president that will rule the people in peace and harmony. i believe in him, i believe that he'll bring peace to this entire world. he is the only one who would change America's future. and seriously, if someday, who knows, he'll convert to Islam, his conversion will definitely gives a HUGE change to this whole new world.

just as notable was the President's omission of a very controversial word: terrorism. Politico explains that this was likely a very conscious decision on Obama's part. instead of the "t-word" in his speech, Obama used the word "extremism" to get his point across. "Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism," Obama said. "It is an important part of promoting peace."

see, he was again using Islam as an example to promote peace. indeed, Islam is not a cruel religion, but

ISLAM is the symbol of peace and tolerance.

i'll always pray to Allah that his heart will be wide-opened and convert to Islam with all his heart and soul. AMIN :]

p/s: this might be a sensitive issue, but since it's my blog and i didn't say anything that offend people, it's a legal post. thanks for reading. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

welcome me back, dead blog -___-

yeah, it's midnight post. it's hols and everybody knew about that.
including me, YAY! i'm sooooo HAPPY. -____-

seriously, i'm not happy. nothing's interesting this hols.
except for the presence of my bro, KL vacation, cousins' visiting, cousin's weddings etc.

too many things to be done in a short time. i didn't expect my hols will be this packed. i mean, can't i have some relaxing holiday, sleep like until the breakfast time is over and enjoy my lunch directly after awaken, feeding cats all day long with some expired milk and cat food, drink some refreshing lemonade and eat some fattening snacks while watching some movies?

come'on, i miss those old times! i don't wanna spend my entire holidays with some shopping stuffs! seriously, i'm not in a shopping mood right now! i've turned myself into some jakunist girl who would only wear japanese flip flops instead of high heels and sneakers. i hate shopping. just hate shopping 'cause i hate seeing my money flowing out of nowhere. gosh, am i that terrible?

well, actually, i still love shopping. who would dare not to shop when sales are everywhere? plus if the whole budget was ur mom's? hell no, i love shopping man!! hihi. off record. :D

move'on, i am now proud to announce that my hell scary, freaky, tough, hard, difficult, damn killing examination is officially OVER. muahahahahahaha!! i'll have my very best holiday ever after this! i mean, i am! ahhahahah! overall, i'm quite satisfied with my result. well, not really good actually, it's just that i've done my best and my effort worth enough :)

that's all for today. a lil update people.
not in the mood of typing right now.
and before that, enjoy some awesome pics :)

welcome to my room, SK 12 :D

this is what we call, rules and schedules that will never be obeyed.

my dream bed. lol.

i love this shot.

memang kurang kasih sayang neyh xD

hihi. "mao jadi apa kamoo?"

home sweet home, i miss my dorm :(

and before continuing my sweetdreams,
thanks for the award miss eiya! :D

am i?

p/s: leave your sincerest answer at the chatbox. i need it. xD

have a pleasant holiday people!
goodnight and sweet dreams :D

Friday, May 1, 2009

too many things to blog about.

yeah, as the title goes, i've so many things to blog about. toooooo many things. let's just start with some current issue then. the dog next door went berserk again this morning and it wakes me up. bathroom then called me to clean my ass. my mom starts nagging since i woke up at 11.50am. i ignored it and enjoy my breakfast in the middle of the afternoon. it tastes good and thank God i'm not eating in a jail's tray. as my hunger disappeared, my despair came in a sudden. i was so heartbroken as i found out the toys that i've been collecting since i was three defiled. till then, i gave up and start blogging.

and soon i became more frustrated when i found out my blog is barely alive and struggled breathing since the owner had been neglecting it for about one and a half month. but then i realised that i should be grateful for knowing that my blog isn't dead, yet.

move on about school,
nerds in my school had recently found out a better way to release their tension instead of addicting into drugs. most of them had officially become rubic cube addicts. they found it interesting till some had achieved their greatest record solving the rubic cube within seconds while some have gained brain-damaged ever since rubic cube squeezed their head out of nowhere and apparently, i'm one of them. fyi, i'm TRYING to be addicted with that stuff but i just can't.

my college too are now searching for a new Badan Wakil Pelajar. Badan Wakil Pelajar is a bunch of people who are incharged to do 'charity' for the whole school, you know, sort of like politics representives aka wakil rakyat. in order to be one of them, we've to join the audition first. then the whole school will vote for those chosen.

and guess what, i've joined the audition. O.o
it was hell scary. a few friends of mine joined it too and we're now in probation. waiting for the results. the other participants are damn good man! not sure if i'm chosen or not. :S

and'and people, my standardize test 2 had just over. SCREW IT. i don't think i can score this time. but anyway, felt a bit happy 'cause once and for all, i get the highest for my chemistry, 88%. my math sucks a bit, 88%. whatever.

flew off to Kuala Lipis last two weeks for dramafest.
i'll post further info on dramafest tomorrow.
haven't get the pictues from FERA yet.

uh-huh, i finally have a CRUSH on someone. his name starts with 'Z'. grr, he's really really cute. well, not really actually. just cute. i like him for no reason. my friends kept asking me why but till then, i'm speechless. perhaps a mole on his face attracted me? hehe. but, he already had someone. so, let's just say, we're not meant to be. haha. but still, i DO like him :))

gtg now. will post more later. hanging out with cousins.

and btw,

Sunday, March 22, 2009

check-in mrsm :(

time flies and it's time to say goodbye.
i've got to go back to where i belong.
gahh, life gets back to normal.

JAKUNIST's life.
no handphone, no internet.
wiil miss you all.
keep in touch, okay?

with love,
nabila azureen aka yiyin :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

SHUT UP ! i'm fat.

it took so long for me to open up this stuff. well, where did i go? haha, i was actually enjoying playing friendster. HAHA. damn, it's a joke.

no, it's not. -___-

i still remember the last time i've addicted with this stupid stuff was two years ago which had now, become a stupid stuff of mine, again, for this whole week. i spent at least 600 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 milliseconds for this stupid stuff per day and i'll have about 150++ comments everyday and i was like WTF? and currently my comments are as much as my FATS in my ass. trust me, i'm gaining weight due to my physical disability + my mom's best cooking ever + my have-not-done-yet-homework.

gah, i'm lazayyyyyyy.

and today, to my dissapoinment and sadness in my heart and soul,

i've found out that i've gained 2 KILO.

2KILOGRAM people!
2 KILO !!!!!


i thought there's some zero error with that fcking machine, what did they call that machine??? aiyaaa, the one measure measure weight one?? duh, forget it.. but apparently, there's NO ERROR at all 'cause i just found out it was actually an electronic one which has no possiblility to make any mistake. blehhh -___-


arghh, i ain't gonna look into the mirror again. not forever lah. i feel ugly, ugly, uglehhhh!! arghhh, i'm desperate, desperate, desperate. i think i'm gonna start staying away from rice. yeah yeah, and chicken and meat and mutton too and whatever that relates to fats.

my tummy is LAYERING.
omgomg, LAYERED!!
macam kuih lapis sudaa -___-

things to do ASAP. *which i don't know when, yet.
1. WORK OUT. ask dad to bring me to park.
you know i won't go alone! ada itu anjing gilaaa.

to forget about food. :((

to avoid eating actually.

or else i'll be thinking about food.

lesson of the day --- DO NOT EAT.

this is serious man, i don't think i'm gonna step into the kitchen looking for some junks and food. no. NO. no.

this can be good too.
you won't notice you're fat when everyone is as fat as YOU. lol.

p.s : i've just gotten myself eating some cadbury marble chocs just now but i swear i won't eat it after this. but wait til i finish it laa. how could i DARE throw them away? they're my favouritessss. even the anorexics won't do that. xD

Saturday, March 14, 2009

swollen up nose.

i woke up late today ever since last night a model aeroplane became stuck fast to my nose with glue, i have suffered torment. my nose has swollen up so much that i am frantic with worry that it might burst and take my brain with it, no kidding.

fyi, i'm now suffering from giant flu + sore throat.

i didn't go for camping today due to my gigantic swollen nose. my life SUCKS. i cant do anything instead of blogging. guess my blog looks better right now, aite? gahh, white and simple.

talking about swollen nose, it reminds me about rihanna whose nose had swollen bigger than mine all because of her so-called devoted boyfriend. she's an idiot and chris is a dumber. they cheated on each other but they still wanna be together. they broke up for zillions and get back together for trillions and now, they ended up their relationship, again with a worse fight. watch this vid. it explains everything.

gosh, they're awful. xD

owh yeah, recently people are talking about spm results. my big bro is one of the spm candidates too. he gets straight As which is a big WOW to me.

his results : 8 A1, 1 A2.

he gets A2 for biology. i know he hates bio. that's the reason why he hates medicine. my mom once asked him to be a doctor but he ended up choosing engineering. he's now taking his A level as a preparation to go to Australia for his further study in engineering. anyways, CONGRATS BRO !

23 students from MRSM Kota Kinabalu gets staright As, only 5 of them gets straight A1, vilizan, daniel, kak syafiqah, kak aysyah and kak izzah. they are real great. i hope i'll be like them someday :))

another good news, i got 100% for both biology and pendidikan Islam in my standardize test :)

i get the highest for physics too, 83%.
*due to some technical probs, i get another 2 extra marks from teacher.

but i didin't score my chemist. my chemist sucks. i didn't study for it and it turns out 76%. i wish i could get higher.

that's all for the time being. thanks for letting me wasting your time.
will blog later =]

Sunday, March 8, 2009

sex maniac ≠ physcho

have you ever came across erotic thoughts before?
if no, you're a total bore.

look, i'm not a sex maniac, not a hypochondria, either. i had just noticed my wrinkles forming at my forehead. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if my hair turns white overnight. i know, i'm now an adult, i'm no longer young.

okay, i was a normal type of intellectual teenager before some super-duper erotic thoughts came across my mind---i have never seen a real dead body, or naked body for my entire life. except for some little toddler's sexy-not-naked-body.

perhaps you might be saying right now, i should seek a professional psychiatric help for my hypochondria. come'on, i'm 16. i think parents should be more opened in these kind of topic. same goes to teens, there's nothing to be shamed of. in fact, discussing these kind of things will prevent teens from going overboard 'cause at least, they know what are the consequences after doing sexual intercourse.

look, teens are growing, our body's in a whirl, our hormones are in a maelstroms and our emotions are up and down like yo-yo. and of course, teens want sex. every lad of our age does. it's just the matter of doing it or not. for example, there are people who crave penthouse apartment and exotic holidays, but we can't have what we want all the time, right?

as for me, myself, i've been discussing this topic with my parents and they take it easy. their advice: take up a hobby, keep physically and mentally alert, learn to control your breathing and most of all, believe in your belief. :)

i think sex is only a small part of our life. so, enjoy your precious teenage years, people! life is so enjoyable, if only you didn't live in a hostel.

still not happy with the laundry.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

if the boot fits, wear it.

but if the boot isn't fit in, should i wear it?

gahh, it's like my foot are trying to fit into an extremely small boots right now. i'm so not into the mood of living in a jail. if you get what i mean.

it's not that i'm totally displeased with my boarding-schooled life right now, it's just that my life is so not enjoyable. my life is a total bore. go to school every day, every hour, every minute and seconds and all i have to think about is SCHOOL.

my standardize test had just over and thank God i haven't fail for any subject, yet. i thought i would fail my physics but hell man, i get the second highest in the class. it's like so unbelievable that i could score as high as 81% on that freaking hard paper! i thought i'll screw up that paper and end it crying nights and days, but now i feel like i wanna kill myself for being too ecstatic.

my BM gets the highest, 92%. teehee. i think i should write more BM posts after this. hoho. and my sejarah is the second highest, 96%. a few friends of mine get 100% for their sejarah which is totally an impossibility to score in st patrick.

we haven't get the others. a few subjects more to panic.

"omg, you already have boyfriend?" some of my friends exclaimed. the answer is NO cause it's the most illegal thing to be done in our school. but for further infomation, please ask me personally cause here is like too public. hehe. only my bestest friend would know about it. ;)

btw, i had become a poet there, yeah, apparently. hoho. and the funniest thing is, i'm a bahasa melayu poet. LMAO! xD

i was chosen to be the top 10 poets for the entire mrsm tawau and we'll have a final competition next tuesday to represent maktab to fly to Kuala Lipis for Minggu Bahasa. pray for me btw. :)

so, i'm home, again. we're allowed to go home once again cause next monday will be Maulidur Rasul. guess i have to spend another few days sleeping like a pig until the sun had completely rose. i'm now a desperate-sleeper. and a laundry hater, too. still, i hate laundry.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

bloody muddy field.

awful sports day.
thank God it's the last time for me :)

watch this.

kasian orh. have to run in mud. bloody hell.

sukantara part two.

i hate laundry.

gahh. thank God for the laundrettes, if they hadn't been invented, i'd be dead of hydrophobia by now. huh, it's awful handling your own laundry, especially when it comes to manual washing. uh, just don't let me start this stupid topic.

sheetz, i'm so not ready with my standardize test. i haven't study yet, not even for any single subject. i'm sick with my packed timetable. it's so hard to get my butt off the bed at 4am. but, who would have done such crazy thing, EVERYDAY? so, i woke up at 5 am instead. HAHAH. after self-cleaning, prayer, breakfast blablablah, we've to gather around in front of the cafe just for some long-winded morning call. for all this while, i thought short call in SM St Patrick is the longest call ever but i'm totally wrong. 20 minutes just aint enough for that what-so-ever call.

we start our class at 6.40am and end it at 1.40pm. i slept the whole through for some subjects. that's pretty normal to an ammonia student like me. i even get myself some salivary amylase in assembly. but no worries, i have had the legal right to sleep in assembly. who would blame me for that if everyone does the same thing? hoho. sometimes, i love boarding school. xD

yeah, by the way, i'm home. mrsm tawau students can go back home overnight but we've to get back into that prison on Sunday. what a turn off! thank God too cause my parents are speaking to me in tones of gaiety recently. hoho, they are like making pathetic attempts to bring me back into normal life by drawing my attention to items of interest on the television and the other media electronics. 'watch the news!' they brightly exclaimed. boohoo! i'm not living in the jungle bhaa. haha. fyi, i do watch tv, in dewan selera, okay?

i thought i'll be happy living in that prison cause i take no more adult crap but it's the other way round. canselors and teachers are more like babbling around, keep reminding tiny-mini things, they are like really'really caring. especially our cikgu comel, kan fera? hoho.

grr, and yeah, some prostitudes are anti-ing me. i have no idea why they're hating me cause i've never ever spoke to them and then in all of a sudden, they hate me for no reason. weird heh?

so what? i don't care. i'm happy with my life now, satisfy with the food, grateful for the Giant radio, having sweet dreams in my very own single bed, everything, except for the fact that i have to wash my own laundry manually. still, i'm so not happy with laundry thingy. pfft.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


grr, it's been two weeks i've become some jakuns who didn't touch any media electronics except for some stupid radio purchased in giant. i miss my mp4 you know! i strongly disagree that mp4 is not allowed in that so-called prison! but mp3 in the other hand, is allowed. stupid rules.

haiyaa, i don't have mp3 laa...

there, we spent most of our time for meals. stupid timetable, we eat six times per day. my fatty acids and glycerol will difinitely increase rapidly, soon, one month after or maybe a week? NO. that's the reason why i skipped meals for several times. yeaa, who wants to get fat?

but the food is not that bad, quite nice if compared at least it's better than the one in MRSM Koki. and fyi, for these whole two weeks, i washed my very own laundry MANUALLY aka using hands! OMG, it's so abussive. you can't abuse children with laundry! stupid dobi. but thank God, dobi will officially usable next week. gahh.

i met lots of people there. genius, nerdy, horrible, prostitude-looking, mean girls, uh-so perasan prince charming, indecent geek guys, you name it. overall, new school is awesome!

and sheena, really, lots of hotties there. hoho, i think i crush on someone. hoho. kidding. and teehee, i got admirers. hihi. perasan sudaa.

take care people, that's all for the time being. gtg back at 2pm. urgh, i hate rules.

btw, i have some pics for you guys, sweet memories, pleasent viewing. :)

not to forget sheena, fatney, eiya, iman and hanis.


Sunday, February 8, 2009


brass band had a farewell dinner for me today which made me totally touched. we had it in Rasa Sayang, one of the best restaurants in Tawau and the food are really nice.

we had a lot of fun. not really. not as we used to be.
we just don't know how to enjoy ourselves just now.
sad? happy? not at all. heavy-hearted to be exact.

it's been years i've joined brass band and it's really impossible to just forget everything in minutes. i'll miss the retarded president, the totally crazy vice president, ME and all the brass band's members.

i still remember those hard times i've been through in Brass Band. each and every drop of tears and laughters. we shared almost everything, those yellow jokes, those critics on one pondan we've met , those retarded acts from each and everyone of us etc. i'll remember those simple things, even the littlest single thing, i'll bear in my mind.

as for me, myself, i had an arguement before with my ex-bestfriend. we used to be a pair of real bestfriends that no one could ever seperate us. we're that close till we didn't even dare to hurt each other. we used to share the same passion, the same interests, the same car to school aka 'carpooling' and even the same co-curricular unit, Brass Band.

let's call her J. J and i are friends till now but not as close as we used to be. some arguement break our relationship. it's no one's fault actually. it's just that both of us are ego, didn't wanna compromise, didn't wanna negotiate at all. it then became worse till we didn't talk to each other for several months. we didn't even text, didn't even talk, didn't even look at each other. we ignored each other till one day, both of us realized that we're both fool. we lost our friendship just because of misunderstanding. but, it was too late. even the most sincere apology couldn't heal our pain. yes, we become friends again but not as close as we used to be. everything just changed and yeah, i lost my friend.


i promise i won't repeat the same mistake. i'll appreciate everything i have, friendship, relationship, family and most of all ALLAH, who always help me in every thing i do.

look at the cute lil teddy!

our very own Brass Band keychain :)


so, these are my presents for my farewell. huh, having some hard time typing here. won't elaborate more. i had another farewell with my malay friends tomorrow. until my next farewell post, ily :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

birthday :)


my voice sucks too. nvm, as long as you understand wth i'm singing about. hoho.

this is just for you my dear wawa, and me as well. teehee :)

well, actually, i'm extremely happy today cause my friends and i had our very own school photography disaster, in the other word, camwhoring session. i'll upload those pics, but not today, just not today.

i've no idea how to write about today cause too many things happened in all of a sudden, including the sport stuff, those muddy disgusting field, those flirty slutty bitches, the worst rainy day ever, those cute acts from exboyfriend, those camwhoring prostitudes etc.
*wont elaborate more on this part. xD

so, back to the main topic, birthday. fyi, i shared birthdate with 4 persons whom i knew in school or through net. namely wong pui yee, tay, hazman and WAWA :D

but today, i'm going to talk about my best online buddy ever, whom i haven't meet yet. wawa.

she's really cute!

she shares the same birthdate with me. yeah, she's my lost and found twins. LOL. she's totally crazy, talkative, sporting, great pc user and really pro in html thingy and codes. i knew her from friendster and when i realized she had the same birthday with me, we're then become closer to each other and now we're considered as best online buddy, kan wawa? hihi :)

i know she's different. just different from the others. she's like really kind, really fun to talk to, and she even introduced me this blogger. that's the reason why i own this blog.

so, thank you, wawa. for everything, for this friendship, for html codes you've shared with me, for those hard time we've been through before pmr, for those craps we've shared, just for everything. i love you wawa :D

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

my colourful post :)

OMG, i'm so touched. my classmates made a farewell for me and for those who're leaving. guess what, they made a card for every of us and i cried. :((

i've been studying with them for three years, shared our tears and laughter and today was the last day studying in the class cause after tomorrow, we'll have our annual sports days. shit sukantara tomorrow. urgh, sooner or later, i'll become some dark-charcoal creature. that's why i hate sukan but i love my brass band and my rumah sukan, BALUNG. anyways, i'll try my best for Balung tomorrow! :D

fyi, it's my birthday tomorrow!
hoho, i'm hap-hap-happy!! :D

happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to NABILA and WAWA,
and we're turning sixteen! :D

after making some observation in the mirror today, the experiment shows that my wrinkles are gradually increased due to the metabolism and genetics effect. so, the hypothesis is accepted. i'm aging. O.o

BOOHOO! i'm getting older!

ignore those craps. highlight of the day,
i'm turning 16 tomorrow ! :D

p.s : i'll upload my farewell pics after sports day. lazy to do it now, plus this shitty internet line, i give up.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

ecstatic !

Alhamdullilah :)

Praise Allah, i got the offer. yes, i manage to get into MRSM which is a stone's throw away from my house. yea, MRSM TAWAU and i'm hap-hap-happy!! :D

see? teehee :)
yes, i'm moving, i'm moving and yes, i'm moving.

well, i'm not that happy actually. just wanna be some normal student who's extremely excited, screaming like some groggy, jumping like monkeys in Sepilok etc. but apparently, i'm not. maybe a lil bit sad leaving SM St Patrick. :(

whatever it is, i have to face the music. no matter what happen next. my life's gonna change fully. i'll be living in a boarding school and life gets harder. urgh, i'll definitely get homesick and of course, i'll miss everyone here, in blogspot.

i'm gonna miss you all :[

i'm really grateful and thankful for everything.
alhamdulillah :)

Friday, January 30, 2009


as what i've understood, the appendix at one time assisted in our digestion which today, it is useless. our wisdom teeth, i have learned, helped us to chew tough herbs and raw meat. today they are a nuisance.

but there is a third biological mystery for which i have no answer;
why do men have nipples?

it seems to be logical if the question is 'why women have nipples?'. simple, for babies. but why do men have them? why?

i came acrossed this weird question after watching the video 'twilight' from nigahiga. remember the one he squeezed the evil's nipples till it bleed?
hoho. xD

so, i decided to ask my mom about it cause my mom teached biology. she answered me with some complicated medical terms which i ended up remain in question. and when i went to library yesterday, i found this.

i was kinda surprised when i found this book. i didn't expect i would find this book and it answered all my thoughts.

actually, males and females are kinda related. think logically, can human reproduce without an apposite sex? can human reproduce asexually? unless you're some bacteria or fungi which can reproduce asexually by the process binary fission, regenaration etc.

according to the book itself, scientists too have no explanation for this question. nipples and breasts actually have no function except for perhaps protecting the heart and lungs from injury and the nipples are present due to the effect of the genes. that's the reason why men have nipples.

grr, let's make it simple, if women have nipples, so do guys. cause both sexes are influeced by genes. get it?

so, if someone asked you 'why do men have nipples?'
the answer is,
because females do.

p.s : this is not a sex post, just some general knowledge which is useful in our life.

peace on you! ;D

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

twilight part 2

uh-huh, twilight. again.
i'm a twilighter but i've only read 2 out of 4 books.
okay, i admit it, iman is the real twilighter.

talking about twilight, i found this. check this out.

LMAO ! wtf?

oh-no, i think i get my syndrome back. the syndrome of making youtube as my drugs. it's like so addictive and i don't know why. maybe it's because of khris who often mention about youtubers, about those comedians or maybe just because of boredom that kills me for the time being. whatever.

p.s : you have to watch this video. it's funny. but, there's no way to defeat my hotty DaveDays. he's the funniest. teehee :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

bahasa melayu part 3

iman said i should give a try on BM post. it's like something fun and yeah, i try it.
screw it, my bm sucks. haiyaa, just read it. -__-

wahai pembaca yang arif lagi bijaksana,

marcapada ini, aku acap kali mendengar rakan-rakan ku berperasaan dan bersemangat mengepos post-post dalam bahasa kebangsaan negara kita, bahasa melayu. aku tersentak seketika tatkala mengetahui bahawasanya iman, seorang penulis yang mengibaratkan talian tanpa wayarnya seperti anjing betina manakala sheena, seorang yang sememangnya anti kepada anjing betina dan jantan durjana telah mengeluarkan post-post yang amat menyayat hati dan menusuk kalbu serta sanubari sekalian.

dengan rasa tidak malunya, aku memperoleh inspirasi daripada senior-senior ku yang kian di ambang ketuaan ini untuk mengepos satu lagi post yang berunsurkan bahasa melayu. kendatipun aku tidak tahu apakah tajuk sebenar yang ingin aku post pada hari ini, seperti dalam kebingungan nya daku menulis post yang tidak seberapa ber'purpose' ini.

jam menunjukkan tepat 10 malam sementara aku masih lagi dibelenggu kebingungan untuk memberi tajuk kepada post ku ini. fikiran ku bertambah kusut pabila aku mendapati bahawasanya ayahanda serta ibunda ku telah jauh meninggalkan ku dengan membawa diri berhari raya cina di rumah cina. namun, aku sedar bahawasanya adalah penting bagi kita untuk mengeratkan tali silaturrahim bagi menjayakan intergrasi nasional yang selalu diuar-uarkan oleh ahli politik negara kita.

adikku turut mengikutkan dirinya kerana apabila ayahanda dan bondaku mention tentang giant, dia terus menyemangatkan diri untuk pergi bersama kalian. seperti yang aku disediamaklumkan juga, adik ku ingin membeli kerepek sempena menyambut perayaan hari raya cina lewat ini. oleh itu, adalah lebih berguna jika aku meninggalkan diri di dalam rumah sahaja kerana sesungguhnya banyak lagi perkara yang berfaedah yang dapat dilakukan dan dipraktikkan di dalam rumah, contohnya mengon9, memblog, melompat skipping untuk meninggikan diri dan lebih efficient lagi berexercise untuk menurunkan lemak di badan.

kembali kepada topik tentang adindaku. wahai adinda, aku tidak mengerti mengapa engkau menjadi kegilaan akibat giant. aku juga tidak faham mengapa engkau sukak betul pegi itu eastern plaza. bukan nya ada kedai bukak jugak time-time hari raya cina ney. adui, nda la ku taw, sukak betul kao pegi sana. bukannya ada pa2 jugak. tapi tidak mengapa lah wahai adindaku, asalkan engkau belikan jus epal kegemaranku di sana, akan ku maafkan segala salah dan silap mu wahai adinda. biarpun belum lagi sampai bulan ramadhan dan bulan syawal yang menjelang tiba lama lagi.

maka, sekian sahajalah coretan ku pada hari yang wanderful ini. sesungguhnya aku telah memerah dan memecahkan kepala otakku untuk mengarang post ini.

dengan penuh rasa kasih dan sayang jauh di lubuk hati ini,
ditambah dengan otak yang tension akibat subject kimia,
nabila azureen


so, how's my bm? i think i should take some BM course or tuition to improve my BM. it sounds a bit sucky. actually, it really sucks. but never mind, i can see iman's point though, at least i've tried :)

so people, try to post in BM, support your mother tongue, it's fun what. LOL.

bahasa melayu part 2

hoho. my third post for today.
i was totally surprised when iman did the same thing. i was like, wtf?
on the same day, i repeated the same sentence for the second time.

something truly unbelievable thing happened. again. -__-
iman posted one entry in bahasa melayu!

read people, read.
kehadapan pembacaku,

apa khabar kamu semua? aku harap kamu berada dalam keadaan sihat walafiat.
Di sini, aku ingin menceritakan tentang pengalamanku bercuti di Felda Sahabat pada hari Ahad yang lalu bersamaan dengan 25 Januari 2009 hinggalah keesokan harinya.

Aku telah meng-escapekan diri daripada menghadiri kelas kimia Encik Karunageran pada petang hari itu. Hal tersebut telah membuatkan temanku, Sheena bertanya tentang di manakah kelibatku pada hari itu. Aku sangat menghargai keprihatinanmu itu, kawanku.

Perjalanan ke Felda Sahabat memakan masa selama..umm aku sendiri pun tidak tahu kerana aku berada dalam keadaan separa sedar hampir seluruh perjalanan. Namun begitu,aku sempat menatap wajah jam di telefonkue yang reject itu, dan aku dapati bahawa kami telah sampai pada pukul 2 beberapa belas minit petang.

Sesungguhnya aku tidak mahu membuang masa menaip karangan yang panjangnya seperti panjangnya barisan kereta yang beratur ke Giant ketika pasaraya itu baru dibuka pada satu masa dahulu.

Oleh sebab talian tanpa wayarku berlagak seperti anjing betina, gambar-gambar tidak dapat di atas-muatkan. aku akan memposkan gambar-gambar itu pada pos yang akan datang.

LMAO ! i love the anjing betina the most. and the simile, i love the giant one. omg, i think they inspire me to post one entry in malay.

do you think i should do that? i think so. xD

until my next bahasa melayu post. ROFL.

bahasa melayu part 1

the second post for today. i dreamt about davedays last night! hoho. stupid. -.-

actually, i snooped around sheena's blog just now. hoho.
something truly unbelievable thing happened.
she posted one entry in bahasa melayu!
it sounds funny, really funny. so here it goes,

right click to enlarge

those highlighted are my favourite. i love the phrase 'jantan durjana' the most. LMAO ! no BM novels' writer would write such a thing. you know, novels these days are boring. no offense. something fresh and creative like this should be published as a novel, not some boring articles which could make one slept the whole through. hoho. anywho, i love your BM sheena! you should be a writer for the sake of Bahasa Malaysia. ROFL. xD

i love DaveDays !

OMG, another davedays' video. this is hilarious people! way much funnier than andrew, kevjumba and the other comedians etc. hoho. he's such a loser when i first watched his video about the 7 things. but now, i think i'm starting falling in love with him. i love the way he modified those lyrics. his lyrics suck though but they are cool.
gosh, i love DaveDays.

yesterday, for the whole day, i snooped around Youtube just to check out all his vids. namely, 'no one', 'katie's song', 'i can't wait to see miley', 'summer plan meeting miley', they're all funny vids. he's totally a huge fan of miley cause he's like so desperate to meet miley and invent some stupid lyrics just because of her. what can i say, insane can happen in many ways. LOL.

and now, i think i'm the one who go nuts because of Davedays. i even put his song into my friendster profile. his songs are so addictive, even drugs can be defeated. LMAO! Davedays, i love you more than i love my ipod! davedays, marry me! you're sooo hot!

p.s : you should check out his other vids in Youtube. he's a great singer! ROFL. xD

Monday, January 26, 2009

i wanna be with the real miley?

check out this vid. hoho. STUPID.



hey hey people, it's chinese new year and i was grounded at home. life's getting stupid these days and i kept getting myself involved with some stupid stuff. you know, busy with school stuff, brass band, prefects board etc. while my friends? they've become more insane studying too much. this is one of the examples.

right click to enlarge

see? my classmate, yvonne had discovered a brand new mixture of literature component and chemistry long-winded formula. pity her, she studied too much. LOL. just kidding yvonne.

since today was chinese new year, so we got some cny's eve celebration last night. we're not chinese laa weyh. just having some integration celebration, it's fun what. we went to pizza, met my uncle and aunt plus my lil cousins. they're having their dinner there. they are totally wild that would drive people crazy. get some prove, i went nuts last night. people in pizza hut are staring at me like hell while i was entertaining my lil cousins. don't blame me, that's a natural phenomenon. to them, i'm totally a freak. stupid heh?

and yesterday too, when i finished my bath, i got message from kay. gosh, i didn't expect her to get my number from myaa just to invite me joining her trip to kk. hoho. she's terribly desperate going to kk. i think she craved on her Big Mac that much. LOL. she kept asking me if i could join her or not but to my and her disappointment, i can't make it. my mom would nag me all day long for going to kk alone. and this morning, she had enjoyed her hols in kk. i think she ate her Big Mac for her lunch today. just kidding, kay.

grr, yesterday, yeah, yesterday, some stranger text me. and to my surprise, the one who text me was sis dyan's cousin, who is my schoolmate surprisingly. sis dyan told him about me. we text all day long yesterday. he's quite a nice person and he's form 5 this year. hoho. a coincidence heh? so now, we're friends :)

that's all about stupidity. until my next stupider post, chow ! xD

Friday, January 23, 2009


there're a few friends of mine who always mentioned about their boyfriends. it seems like 'boyfriend' is something to show off about. some even call me in the middle of the night just to complain about their 'devoted' boyfriend, telling me that their boyfriend hadn’t call them yet. i mean, should i give a damn about it?

well, as for me, i've been through times of failures in relationships and broke down whenever i broke up. but for sure, they'll be no longer exist in my mind once i found a new one. HAHA. i'll never take those things serious. i ain't gonna weep all day long just because of breaking up with some stupid jerks! and hell, committing suicide is not in my mind either. trust me people, sometimes, boyfriend sucks. that means, don't blame yourself if he breaks you up. find other guys and play it like you're having awesome time. and most of all, forget about him completely.

okei, obviously we're taking about some gender stereotypes here. research tells us that there's always someone who's more tolerant and desirous in intimate communication. usually it's the woman, but not always. same goes to guys, they are usually tolerant but not always. so it's fair enough as long as there's someone who's willing to sacrifice in a relationship. right?

but, what if both guys and girls don't wanna tolerant anymore? what if guys and girls are both ego? this kind of relationship will only last for one day or two. this is not a joke people, i've experienced it.

the reason why i can't stand boyfriend any longer is because he has such a short fuse that even a little piece of friendly advice sets him off. he's too sensitive. it's like i have to be careful for every single words i was about to say. it's just too terrible and i'll go nuts if i continued.

the second thing i hate about guys is, they love to break their promises. be realistic with what you can and can't deliver on, i ain't gonna eat you if you didn't promise me! 'promise' is a big-big word. don't make a promise if you can't keep it. no one likes it when expectations are high just to later be let down by another. don't you feel annoyed when guys break plans till the very last minute?

look, i have a bad temper.

third, i hate it when my boyfriend hanging out alone with a girl who’s not a family member. let’s face it, at one point or another you had a crush on your girl best friend or vice versa. it’s no wonder that girls have problems believing that guys and girls can just be platonic friends. i just couldn't accept my boyfriend hanging out with another girl 'cause i'm totally not an out-going-person.

it's more unfair when he's not letting me go into his world. perhaps a lil privacy will do, but don't keep everything secret. at least, tell me something. if he's serious to me, he'll include me in his world thus showing that i'm one of his priorities. and if I’m important to him, I’d think he’d want me to be part of everything else in his life that’s important. so, he's not serious to me at all.

here's some advices on how to identify jerk guys. test him with the simplest math equation. if he didn't answer your question within 3 seconds, he's hiding something from you or maybe his math is just too sucks. xD

so girls, dump your boyfriend whenever you feel like to. remember girls, dump him before he dumped you. this is for the sake of yourself. you'll lose your self-esteem once he breaks you up but if you're the one who breaks him up, at least you'll not be like a hard-core. at the same time, he'll feel so guilty that he wouldn't want to forgive himself. but, make sure that he's not deciding to commit suicide. or else, you'll be the next victim of the lotus eater. crap. xD

as a conclusion, SINGLE IS BETTER.
it's enjoyable and most of all, you can do whatever you want to. doesn't it fun?