Saturday, February 28, 2009

i hate laundry.

gahh. thank God for the laundrettes, if they hadn't been invented, i'd be dead of hydrophobia by now. huh, it's awful handling your own laundry, especially when it comes to manual washing. uh, just don't let me start this stupid topic.

sheetz, i'm so not ready with my standardize test. i haven't study yet, not even for any single subject. i'm sick with my packed timetable. it's so hard to get my butt off the bed at 4am. but, who would have done such crazy thing, EVERYDAY? so, i woke up at 5 am instead. HAHAH. after self-cleaning, prayer, breakfast blablablah, we've to gather around in front of the cafe just for some long-winded morning call. for all this while, i thought short call in SM St Patrick is the longest call ever but i'm totally wrong. 20 minutes just aint enough for that what-so-ever call.

we start our class at 6.40am and end it at 1.40pm. i slept the whole through for some subjects. that's pretty normal to an ammonia student like me. i even get myself some salivary amylase in assembly. but no worries, i have had the legal right to sleep in assembly. who would blame me for that if everyone does the same thing? hoho. sometimes, i love boarding school. xD

yeah, by the way, i'm home. mrsm tawau students can go back home overnight but we've to get back into that prison on Sunday. what a turn off! thank God too cause my parents are speaking to me in tones of gaiety recently. hoho, they are like making pathetic attempts to bring me back into normal life by drawing my attention to items of interest on the television and the other media electronics. 'watch the news!' they brightly exclaimed. boohoo! i'm not living in the jungle bhaa. haha. fyi, i do watch tv, in dewan selera, okay?

i thought i'll be happy living in that prison cause i take no more adult crap but it's the other way round. canselors and teachers are more like babbling around, keep reminding tiny-mini things, they are like really'really caring. especially our cikgu comel, kan fera? hoho.

grr, and yeah, some prostitudes are anti-ing me. i have no idea why they're hating me cause i've never ever spoke to them and then in all of a sudden, they hate me for no reason. weird heh?

so what? i don't care. i'm happy with my life now, satisfy with the food, grateful for the Giant radio, having sweet dreams in my very own single bed, everything, except for the fact that i have to wash my own laundry manually. still, i'm so not happy with laundry thingy. pfft.

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