Thursday, January 6, 2011

women and men = maids and aliens?

everyone has their own rights to write in blog, that is why we consider it as a B + L + O + G = BOAST LIFE ON GADGET -.-

i thought it's no one's fault if one get offended or being offensive enough on one's entry, views, picture and so forth. that's what a blog does, right? it appears as what the owners want to; to upload pictures as big as a mansion, to put as many gadget as it is usable in real life, and even some would rather be sarcastic in their words; well, either purposely to voice out their views on something or just to gain others' attention. (so to increase traffic and to increase money from click rate and ads. *btw, i joined nuffnang, just, just now. HEHE*)

as the saying goes, words are way sharper than the sharpest sword. in real life, every single life gets hurt. but in this matter, i try to be neutral because both parties have their own rights.

click to enlarge. crop from a homosapien's blog.

hijab and women. muslim women wear hijab because it is in keeping with the commandments of Allah. through Muhammad, Allah’s words are that women should be modest, and cover their beauties like their hair and their chest. at home among family and in front of their husband, muslim women are allowed not to wear it.

i come in peace, not offending anyone but to remind myself as well.

it’s been a journey yet it continues; this is not the end. let me reiterate that, this is not my final view on hijab. nothing in life is final. we are dynamic beings living in a dynamic world. things are always changing, slowly morphing from one form to another.

the only constant is Allah. i just might act differently to those beliefs at different points in time. probably because of thinking about too many things; life, death, afterlife, how the things work, bad vs good etc.

perfection is not something i strive for. it's a misguided goal (these are someone's words and i'm holding tight with them). so instead of trying to be the perfect muslim, i try to be the best i can be. it may sound like the same thing, but it’s not. perfection is a standard, unrelated to me but being the best of me is the goal that i can completely understand with every fibre of my being. because i know myself well.

i was created as i am with all my bad personality traits as well as my good ones. am i wrong?

"we just have to; open our eyes, our hearts, and minds. if we just look bright to see the signs. we can’t keep hiding from the truth. let it take us by surprise. take us in the best way, guide us every single day. keep us close to you, until the end of time."
- open your eyes by maher zain -

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well, he owns the points, the exact points. YES, this is from a 'HE'. now i'm start wondering what my male friends (nanti cakap boyfriends perasan pulak -.-) had on their minds, about hijab itself and of course those various kinds of hijab and shawls that hit the market these days which happened to become girls' favourite? well, i'm definitely not excluded.

they are undeniably addictive and something to be shown-off.

grabbed this from google

well, at least, i've read the post. sarcastic to be honest but we can change. we can still turn things around; well of course to the right path, to His only path.

"you say we're on the brink of destruction and you're right. but it's only on the brink that people find the will to change. only at the precipice do we evolve. this is our moment. don't take it from us, we are close to an answer."
- taken from 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' movie

just don't grab the moment and be so negative about some mistakes. mistakes? i supposed to. this 'HE' assumed all of the hijab-wearing-girls knew the exact definition of aurat and expecting every single stylo-hijab-wearing-girls-who-upload-500kb-into-their-blog to be offended and listen to his teachings, no, they're more likely to be 'advices'. i'm not mad, neither angry nor offended. i'm just shocked, to see the comments. now, let's just agree with john gray...

btw, i've read this. literally explains both genders' emotional needs anddd, COMMUNICATION STYLE.

see? women like to demonstrate their feelings by being allowed to relate problems without interference. but when men communicate, they like to get to the point, and generally only want to listen if they feel the conversation has a point; women enjoy talking for its own sake, and are happy to listen unconditionally. but how can Adam and Hawa get along? by love and respect. it's good to have our own opinions as long as we respect each other. let's just start with respect, then we'll bring the love.

now, maybe the point is; some women are not happy to hear those sarcastic words from this 'HE'. are you happy making people upset? no. and are you upset when people happy? no. so, let's call it a day. i'm really tired when it comes to adam and hawa. i just ask for your tolerance and compassion. i know this is hard to read especially when you're that hijab-wearing-girl kan? no worries, whether it's destructive or constructive, it's our choice to mind it or not.

but frankly, this 'HE' woke me up. thanks for reminding and it's fine with me. recall recall my tenth new year's resolution; keep on motivating myself. i can always improve, kan? ;)

insyaAllah, i'll continue to study Islam, hijab and life’s workings. i am a naturally dynamic being. we are dynamic beings. so, there's no one to blame, really. Allah's always watching me, and the rest of us :)

salam :D


lilcaliph said...

salaam, nabila :)
thanks so much for visitng my blog.
basically, I respect your english language! you're more advanced than me lahh hihi.
btw, hey, I think your writing is very matured. I mean, there are not-so-many teenagers who prefer to write such issue in their blog. I'd say you should keep it up.

overall, I am definitely agree with your perspective of view in this post. man tends to forget things easily, that's why we need to be remembered always :)

keep in touch, sis!

CathJ said...

Hi Visiting your blog today...

Pada akak... kita nak letak apa...tulis apa kat our own blog tu tak kisah apa lah kan... pandai2 lerrr org yg membaca tu terima hakikat nya... hihihi...

comel nya blog adik ni... ^_^

Anna.Ruzz said...

salam. Wow, cute blog n I like your English & writing style! u seemed to be a very positive person. Good 4u ^__^

i think that respect will exist between man n woman when they both have the will to accept, tolerate and understand each other. Then there won't be any arguments :) Rite?!

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

lilcaliph : wslm. thanks for reading the long long post. hehe, yepp, complex creatures they are. and sometimes i prefer to talk about general things, nahh, its nothing really. just my view on things..anyway, i'm new in wearing hijab and aurat. i hope you'll post more on Islam so that i can learn more, kan? love your blog, keep writing :)

cathJ: thanks sis. yepp, its our choice to mind it or not. bak kata pepatah, buang yang keruh amek yg jernih :)
i love your blog too sis. you travelled a LOT :D

anna.ruzz: wslm. hee, teda2 la bah ne. copy paste code ja tu layout. hehe, yep, tolerate, accept and understand. but there're certain times both genders should remind each other and to advise. because tolerate is more like ignoring others. so lets use the word, minding-each-other-but-not-too-much.. HEHE! :)
and keep writing! your english is not bad either. thanks for visiting :)

Kumbang Jingga said...

i cant speak english..i dont understand a word in thie entry kihkihkih..entry yang sangat bagus.ur english tak yah cakap lah..memang superb..marvelous..semua lah hehehe

De Mois said...

Huhu..betul2. Boleh masing2 hal masing. Just follow etika berblogging je. Boleh tak cakap melayu ni?? hehe...

DrNotts said...

are you sure ur 17? where are you right now? in Malaysia? you are really proficient and i am really amazed! fantastic! i have a daughter the same age as you here! she is into korean and everything in her blog is about korea and all the korean stuff! you can be friends too! look forward to your writing, nabila!


Nabila Azureen Azis said...

Dr notts: yes, well not exactly, going to be 18 this year, but not yet. hehe. and i'm malaysian, living in tawau. a Sabahan :)

oww really? i'm into korean stuff too! like real much, but not kpop..dramas and movies would be fine enough...i love their soundtracks so so much! and i'm wondering if i could be friend with your daughter, i bet we'll get along. but could you please give me her blog link please? thankss.

andd, you're living in UK? how long have you been there? i've been CRAVING to go there since i was 7!! andd, i love love love Clarks SHOES. my parents brought me some clarks shoes when they had a visit thre, but it'll never be enough for me unless i go there on my own! hehe..salam, and thanks for visiting my blog.

p/s: and i'm wondering if i could drop comments on your blog? because i cant really see your comment box or anything similar with it. hehe :)

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

kumbang jingga: hehe, thank you; eh salah, terima kasih. kidding. ok dowh, nanti saya buat entry melayu. nxt time insyaAllah :)

De mois: boleh laa. hehe, no worries, kita kan anak malaysia! :)

theblabber. said...
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theblabber. said...

damn..what did i do. i wrote a long comment, suddenly terdelete pulak *mengeluh*

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

nvm. thanks anyway. feel free to drop any comments next time :)