Thursday, January 27, 2011

treat girls RIGHT!

now it's girl-to-girl-talk; have you ever feel unsecured? invisible? or like a fat beast? an ugly skank? has anyone ever talk bad about you? and have you ever talk something bad behind them? abusing and being abused. regardless of what it looks like; essentially feeling abused might actually really human. almost everyone feels it, almost everyone goes through it, but not everyone talks about it. which really proves the point that 'abuse' is more about the person feeling it, than whom or what they're abused of.

oh, that's way too hush. scratch that; perhaps you've heard of 'you look chubbier now!', 'you're so cute!', 'you're pretty but you should gain a little weight than it'll be okay'. hold on; OKAY??? what does it mean by that OKAY?? i'm skinny? or i'm fat??

well, i can say that the most popular new year's resolution is to lose weight. everyone is beating up themselves just to be as hot as Kim Kardashian or maybe Yuri SNSD. i am definitely not excluded. but if you look back and think; no matter how fat one is, you can't convince them to go for The Biggest Loser just to lose weight! how about the shame? how are they going to face the whole society? how does the society will treat them next? no; the question is; has the society ever consider how they actually feel?

when you said to someone that may look like a joke, either you mean it or not, like; "every time she hits the ground, the earth shakes!" HAHA, that's so funny - not; that's humiliating. some would go for the invisible tease, like; "you look good in dress." but actually you're not. imagine if she takes the so called compliments seriously; she'll wear it on. then most of the people stared at you like you're an alien sent from Mars. would you mind? or you won't? it's so easy to say 'who cares?' yeah, who cares? i care.

remember it's a girl-to-girl talk. sometimes the magazines specifically the teens magazines would easily go for; 'be cool' or 'ignore them' even if you're not? of course, it works on increasing your self-esteem but does it work on healing your feelings? girls, it's MEAN to ask you to mind others' words. IT IS. but there're times you should listen and you shouldn't. simple. look at this sentence;

"you know what, you're fat. like seriously; you have to lose weight immediately or else you'll be the fattest teenager of the year! maybe it's a gene-thing of being fat because your dad looks chubby somehow."

now this is abusive. you can't just simply accept people insulting your family, especially your parents just because you're fat. let's see; what you should listen and what you should not;

"you know what, you're fat. like seriously; you have to lose weight immediately or else you'll be the fattest teenager of the year! maybe it's a gene-thing of being fat because your dad looks chubby somehow."

if this doesn't work on you; it destroys you! you'll burst into tears, deep in your heart; "no one would care if you jumped off a cliff, so why don't you?"

no, don't jump. you know what, they're destroying you with those 'fat beast' phrases just because they thought you're an easy target to make fun of. is it worth enough to just die because some kind of jerks make fun of you? let them be and all you have to do is find the right way of losing weight and prove to them that;

indeed they're ugly! they mind others' body but they dare not to look at their own faces because you know what; they're ugly! hahahahaha *evil laugh*

now what? abuse me with boyfriend again? told you i don't need boyfriend!

bravo and kudos to yourself who recognized that you do not need a boyfriend but a real man in your life :)

it takes courage, and self-confidence to not cave to pressures to go out there and find a boyfriend. look, we don't need to find our identity or be defined as to who we are by having to linked with a boyfriend. because; there's a great difference between needing a boyfriend and wanting a man in her life.

indeed every girl wants a man in her life. the long answer is she will want a man, when the time in her life makes her ready for a special man. toy boys need not apply.

yeah, that UGLY fact may apply for why i'm not having boyfriend. the other girls-with-no-boyfriend-yet-living-happily and i may look ugly now but someday; we believe there's always a true man sent by Allah who would realise how beautiful we are. well, of course they're not malaikat but they're our husbands :)

let's just say; it's a self-reliance and the will power to learn and see projects through on our own; taking care of our health and personal growth without needing the approval or permission of any male (except our father). doesn't this demonstrate young womens' strong spirit? what else makes a girl to be admired other than her independant spirit? :D *bangga bangga*

guess the boys reading this would get the message, that independant girl is not a trophy to be won, nor will she simply offer herself to a male. she's priceless and too expensive to get. she's totally unavailable. now every girls-with-no-boyfriends; no, scratch that, let's call ourselves - independant girls, give ourselves the biggest applause for being true to ourselves :D

bear this in mind; if you think a man respects you for who you are, he won't beg you to be his girlfriend, he won't pollute you with his sweet talk, he won't buy you with prosperity but he'll propose you to be his wife :D

insyaAllah; marriages that are usually good and lasting marriages are those that start at the least affection. be a true love believer 'cause true love waits :)

salam! :D


andynurehanadibahrahim said...

im waiting so bad to read your latest post. and finally!its here. im reading it! its fun to read and able to see your view and perspective about this issue.

when i was a kid, i usually get mocked by the people about my physical appearance. especially from my relatives and stupid juniors. hohoho. 0_o} phew. it was hard at first. but i realize that there is more than that.. what is important for me is my attitude. i dont care how they mock at me, they humiliate me, i have always want to prove that physical is only skin deep you know!

finally im getting over it, i live my life to the fullest, always being positive,im trying to lose weight, control my appetite, food i consume. but im not doing it for the sake of them. im doing it for myself! just back off loser! you are just jealous!

thanx for the post! i totally loooovee it.

about say no toboyfie thingy.. hhoh..yeas. we are indiependent gurls! bravooo!

shue_fearless_gurl said...

ow yeah u go girl..i'm totally agree with your opinion.
WTH all the people in this planet like to insult others?
as if they are perfect,as if they are qualified to judge other people based on what they see.
and also,boyfriend.
who need one?
we dont need boyfriend,we need husband,rite?
moreover,we are expensive,we cant be bought with sweet words,but mahar mithil.