Monday, August 31, 2009

that feelings?

have you ever felt someone is the one just right by your side but afraid to tell everything for one and only reason that you might afraid the present relationship will fade away?

i'm having it now. i told my my best friend, i don't trust boyfriend. and i don't know which nerve on my mind tells me that boyfriends are temporary but that special one may be last even longer.

i'm not sure if he is the one. it's complicated 'cause i'm still young and i haven't discover the outside yet. i'm too young to decide these things but it seems right. well, maybe i'm considered young, but it doesn't mean that i can't be mature.

so, think nabila, be mature, your life isn't only here. there's thousands more obstacles, happiness, various kind of people out there that you haven't know yet. hold on tight with your promises before, nabila. keep those feelings away, pull it away but please don't throw it.

look, i'm deciding now. it won't vanish or fade away. it will just remain that way. you and me will be just friend, not more than that. i have my own track, same goes to you. we still have a long way to run, please don't make me stop here.

i love you as a friend.

btw, i'm going back to hostel today. really sorry for not updating. i just don't want to say about homework, it didn't lift any of my burden anyway. just some sloppy words here. and not to forget,

it's 52nd Independence Year of Malaysia, people :)

p/s : i desperately need advises. please, help me out. fera, fazrina, sheena, iman, anyone?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

a longgg deep breath people.

activity week had finally OVER ! whoohooo ! i had it all; fun, joy, sorrow, dirts and most of all, a stronger friendship tide :)

lots of activities had been held which are quite exciting actually. well, to be honest, i didn't really into those activities at first 'cause it requires hard work which is total lazy for me to even touch it, specifically, the musical drama.

and trust me or not, our class was the winner for this exhausting, tiring, burdening musical drama. YAY ! we didn't even expect that we could go that far, i mean, even to the final... and now, we won the whole competition? still, i didn't believe it.

it all started with afiq's brilliant idea. the story was about love story and unfortunately, 4 indie's drama was exactly the same as ours. and i've got to change the whole thing the night before the competition since i was the script writer. and some stupid nerves in my mind told me an incredible crazy idea which is a lil stupid too at first. i changed the whole lovey-dovey story into some thriller movie that had made some of the juniors cried. CRIED? yes, they did.

it was thrilling. the story started with two harmony families which is about to be tied with relationships between their children. but happy moments changed in a sudden when one of them died. it was tragedy too when the sister, ME, was killed with no mercy. haha. and the killer, ricco, was really good in mood-changing, acting, dancing...everything. and the story ends with the death of everyone, except for the murderer's father who had killed his own son at the end of the story.

haha, kinda funny though 'cause the story didn't really make sense. plus, we didn't even practice for the drama and it was our LAST MINUTE work and thank God, we managed to get the first prize. haha. xD

besides musical drama, we also had picnic for homeroom. lots of fun especially when it comes to cooking! hihi, tadaaa!

various recipe. yum yumm :)

this is ours. our unknown name chicken. i cooked it btw :)

our hard work worth it :)

participated in fashion show too. looked a lil ugly but who cares? haha.

okay, the shorty is me -____-

had more fun in kampung night. kinda dissapointed though 'cause our performance didn't really work out here. but no matter what it takes, i loveeee my class, i love 4 Kreatif ! muackss ;D


and for outdoor activities, we had basketball, netball, football, explorace etc.

only managed to takes pic at where i'm incharged :(

4K and 4A vs 4S, 4I and 4P.

and we win again! hihi. that's all for now. gtg. more updates on hols and..
HAPPY FASTING ! a few more days people ! :DD

Sunday, August 2, 2009

it's 0124.

grabbed this from andy's blog.
from left : ema, me, inma, najla, andy and fera.

it's 0124 already and i'm still awaken. too many things to be written after being away for weeks. camp, competitions, interviews, award day etc. felt burdened sometimes, no, actually it's most of the time. if only i could have some lovey-dovey day without work. yeah right.

btw, new template i have here, cupcakes template and attention please, this ain't some cupcakes online sale. just adored with those cutie cupcakes :D

okay, i've lots of work to do. next week is an activity week. i hate it when it comes to such activities. it's one week school day without BOOKS and stress. sound fun but apparently it's more burdening than what we expected. trust me, i rather open up my 10 inches thick book than wasting my whole week with some hectic and tiring stuff.

i participate in fashion show and musical drama. and the rest is COMPULSORY while some not. gahh, why didn't they have some relaxing activity, like..sleep for the whole day, eat two trips in every lounge, draw anything we like on the school wall or do some indoor shopping at the koperasi instead?

ridiculous. they'll never have those things. will never ever have.

am working out on something hard right now, writing script for drama. squeezing my head to do so and i hope blogging will help. unfortunately, it doesn't really help.

that's all people. looking for more inspirations. goodnight people.