Sunday, August 2, 2009

it's 0124.

grabbed this from andy's blog.
from left : ema, me, inma, najla, andy and fera.

it's 0124 already and i'm still awaken. too many things to be written after being away for weeks. camp, competitions, interviews, award day etc. felt burdened sometimes, no, actually it's most of the time. if only i could have some lovey-dovey day without work. yeah right.

btw, new template i have here, cupcakes template and attention please, this ain't some cupcakes online sale. just adored with those cutie cupcakes :D

okay, i've lots of work to do. next week is an activity week. i hate it when it comes to such activities. it's one week school day without BOOKS and stress. sound fun but apparently it's more burdening than what we expected. trust me, i rather open up my 10 inches thick book than wasting my whole week with some hectic and tiring stuff.

i participate in fashion show and musical drama. and the rest is COMPULSORY while some not. gahh, why didn't they have some relaxing activity, like..sleep for the whole day, eat two trips in every lounge, draw anything we like on the school wall or do some indoor shopping at the koperasi instead?

ridiculous. they'll never have those things. will never ever have.

am working out on something hard right now, writing script for drama. squeezing my head to do so and i hope blogging will help. unfortunately, it doesn't really help.

that's all people. looking for more inspirations. goodnight people.


F i e q™® said...

congratz mrsm tawau..hebat tu 3.5 and above...

Katrina said...

nabila!! oh how i've missed you blogging! :))
anyway, i just dropped by.
congrats on the excellent 3.5 :)
good luck with that script you are doing!

take care!

Nabila Azureen said...

thanks both of you :D

Anonymous said...

love the new template :) agak comel yaaa. hehe.