Sunday, March 21, 2010



kamek sayang Kuching :)

BWP's trip to Kuching on February. had a lot fun. see more on our BWP's blog :)

UNIMAS (Fakulti Perubatan)

me and andy + urine on my hand. lol


Angela Mutie and me - Exco Kesenian & Kebudayaan :)

MRSM Kuching

ayuh berzapin :)

Kampung Budaya - Rumah Org Ulu Sarawak


Saturday, March 20, 2010

midnight review

It's nice to live without books for one week, been thinking to study, well at least, open up books this hols, but nope, mission failed :)

Had just finished reading my novel, THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer, been waiting some time to finish it up and finally, i did.

when I first picked up this novel, i have to admit to being a little confused – from the world of vampires in the Twilight Saga we now move to alien life forms invading earth...perhaps Stephenie had gone sci-fi, LOL.

whatever happened to her, she's an incredibly awesome author that i would definitely recommend any of her novels, and you will hundred percent SATISFIED :) she posses the ability to pull the reader into the story and allow them to feel like they are actually there with the characters, experiencing what they experience and feeling what they feel. she even paints a vivid picture of the characters and their lives in the mind of every reader who is fortunate enough to be touched by the worlds that she creates. it's like being in 3-d theater but better, its actually more like being in a 6-D theater, touching all of the human senses and emotion at once.

well yeah, this novel does stand up to the standards set by her preceding works. but despite of the creative story line and captivating emotions shown in The Host, i could not stop myself from finding many links between this novel and the Twilight series in regards to the characters, their emotions and their interconnected relationships, everything. Jared, from (The Host) could be very similar to Jacob (Twilight). both have a tendency to let their emotions get the best of them, both are somewhat selfish creatures in regards to the one that they love, and most of all they're extremely stubborn. Ian (The host) and Edward (Twilight) are the same way, comparatively, overly protective and somewhat irrational when it comes to the people that they love, both have the ability to love unconditionally despite the fact that both men love someone of a different species, and both men's brothers try to kill their partners and the greatest character similarity, however, exists between Wanderer/Melanie (The Host) and Bella (Twilight).

in both there are two different personalities existing in one body, each personality belonging to a different man that the characters love. like, there are two parts to Bella (Twilight) one in love Jacob (Twilight) and one in love with Edward (Twilight), but one love is stronger than the other. she describes the strain between the two as "tearing her apart." same thing goes to Wanderer/Melanie (The Host), but to a more extreme extent, which are described as two separate entities existing in one body "tearing them apart". Wanda(The Host), belonging to Ian (The Host); and (The Host), belonging to Jared (The Host).

in add math, its like,

Wanda (The Host) and Bella (Twilight) are both very self-sacrificing people who would go to the ends of the earth to prevent the ones that they love from hurting and would do anything in their power to make them happy. also, non-violent and even show compassion for enemies while Melanie (The Host) and Bella (Twilight) are both tough individuals possessing the ability to reason through stressful situations.

haha, and the funniest part is; there're aliens, love triangles, anger, envy, intrigue. what more could you want from a novel? she's a great author. i love you Stephenie :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

pacemaker didnt help me much though

have you ever thought about what protects our hearts? just a cage of rib bones and other various parts. so it's fairly simple to cut right through the mess, and to stop the muscle that makes us confess. but once the pacemaker stops and imagine how one could barely breathe despite of all the protections? i have no idea.

some people say, first things come from our hearts; words, actions, deja vu even the sense of death. *been watching final destination lately, lol* but did those people ever received the impulses that tells pacemaker doesnt give any info nor data? do they actually sit on a study carrel and feel how beautiful form 5 biology text book is? have they ever turn to first chapter of biology form five to see the actual functions of heart??!!

i am a curse invented by no witch who've never ever indulged into Hogwarts to learn those magic stuff. i dont play stupid games like Quiditch 'cause i know brooms wont fly. i'm just a girl who would turn things around when i feel it's upside down. i'm a typical homosapien who knows heart is a red-love shape 'cause i know i'm not yet a surgeon to cut one's heart out from his body and investigate the real shape of heart.

i'm deadly dead in this hollow death. my antibodies are detecting the presence of antigens 'laziness' despite of all the randomness pathogens that would grab it away. desperately needing natural active immunity to cure this pain. i'm horribly terribly lazier than i used to be. the only remedy is to excrete these from my kidneys, then i'll be hundred percent fine. my body is dehydrating.

diarrhoea...please get out of my way!