Monday, October 27, 2008

happy deepavali !
♥ to all Indians ..

yepedi yire kingge ? nanale irke . hahax . tamil opening ! wahahaha . nan unnai kadelikeren ! dat's wat my MIC's friends taught me . useful huh ? so , hello busybodies ! i've a really tiring day today which is a whole day of servicing musical instruments ! it suppose to be a happening holiday for me today but to my disappointment , all my plans had to be canceled last minute just for brass band . LOYAL brass band member , huh ? *sigh* .

so today , once again , we , BRASS BAND presented the school for some sports day , it's a family day i guess . and then , around 8 , we finished but not for e and the other AJKs . we've to stay til evening, around 5pm , to service our instruments . sound cool but it wasn't . not at all . i prefer taking care babies but not this ! for instruments like clarinet, flute, saxophone, xylophone, simba, n drum set, we need not to wash them . just polish it a bit and it's done .

but, some instruments need lots of work . namely trumpet, trombone, euphonium, horn and many more . thy're really ABUSING me with the dust and BACTERIA all over it . but washing them is kinda fun . yea , really , especially when we played the water and splashed it over to each other , it really makes me reminisce the past . the past where i used to WASTE the water in front of the house with the NAKED me . oww plz stop it . so, look how childish we are .

i love the water splashing out .

do u see the disgusting brush ?

this is what we call trombone in NAKED .

thy're real busy with work and me kept capturing pictures .

i really enjoyed myself playing with the splashes until my stomach started to whisper that i'm totally hungry . fyi, besides get 'abused' by the instruments , we also had to eat in an ABUSED way . this is the EVIDENCES ---

my lunch ~

as u can see here , we are STARVING .

to feel up our time with useful stuff , we'd also taken some idiot photos which is absolutely UGLY . so just close my blog if it's too ugly .

that's how i live my life today . yea2 , forget to tell u, i went to one indian's open house today and the curry was EXTREMELY superb ! and the kebab , i can't even dare to eat it ! it was that special and i just don't even wanna touch it . u wanna noe why ? cuz it's too BIG . and i dont think i can swallow it . so, i prefer chicken rice more . hee ^.^ so, that's all for tonight . tata titit tututtt .

Friday, October 24, 2008

raya at school !

♥ school's eid !
ohha ! great day today ! whatchaaa ! actually, my school had just celebrated our annual hari raya party which was held just now . like years before, we're allowed to wear raya outfit . wahahahaha . evryone was happy with dat except those who don hve raya costume cuz they had to wear back that white blue outfit . u know laa . so today, kinda busy handling the class plus the laziness and the passiveness of our class , i'm extremely exhausted . first of all, wanna thank my dad cuz he's willing to sponsor our food . cheers ! =) & thanks too to my great great friends , for giving such a helpful hands , except those who din help me at all . well , just forgive them . it's still eid . we'd taken lots of pictures . being crazy is really FUN plus the freedom we had now , i'm really out of my mind just now .

gotta see this . limited edition

so, today i had become a HOT HOT SOT celebrity ! hihi~ at first, evryone re starving like HELL mann since the canteen is not opened ?! and, we're only allowed to start our party after recess ??!!! what the f*ck ?!! and finally, my dad came with d food , and evryone was attacking the food like thy never ever eat mann . okay , i'm gotta complain this to the school authority . yes , i won't . hihi~ then evryone consume the food SAFELY as thre's NO MELAMINE contained . okey, dijamin HALAL . few minutes later . . .

plates n cups with SALIVA .. eww .

where's my curry ?!! thy gonna pay for this !

HELL . they just know how to eat but not to wash . yeah , they left EVERYTHING to us . fortunately, i got few understanding friends which help me at the end . LUCKILY . due to the duty we had , i mean as a DISHWASHER , we missed the announcements . til now i din know what the hell does it says . well nvm , at least , i enjoyed my career as part-time dishwasher now . yeah right . still , i hate those who din help me AT ALL . taw2 laa sndri ...

my pinky winky baju kurung was wet and i had to attend another meeting after dishwashening . terrible life huh ? so, that's how i live for today . yea2, my mom and dad had gone to KK while i was alone at house with my cuzie and sista . and yeashh !! i'm gonna be FREE for one and a half day without hearing BABBLE all around my ears !! thank God .

Sunday, October 19, 2008

specially dedicated to someone

sort of upset ...

i felt like i wanna cry this time . first of all, i didn't go anywhere today . juz hanging out with my mom n dad , n my PC at home .

story of the day ---
one of my friends . she was upset due to some reasons . she was really sad bout the things happened around her . i'm trying my best to help her too . just hoping she'll be fine . she's having insomnia bcuz of her probs .

just for u, my friend ...
well, worrying bout someone really makes u uncomfortable, but do take care of urself . don't be too upset . be realistic and face the probs with courage . i bet u can go through all these . trust me, she'll be fine as i can c her determination deep in it . she's trying her best . supports and care do help . all we can do now is pray for her and mostly take care of urself . sure ur BF din want to c u're sick too right ? trust me, he really needs u now . take care of urself cuz all he wanted is ur supports and care . don't worry, i'll always pray for her n u too . do take care of urself ! hope u're seeing this .

best of wishes .
like u always say
u have me by ur side dear ...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

♥ penat gilakk !

hari ney penat gilakk ehh ! what a tiring day ! for the whole day i spent my time with the school brass band . morning, i left my house . go to the school and practice with my instrument . wukey, it's BOOORINGGG .. then after that, take around ten minutes for break . we just eat bread .. but i'm so grateful cuz it's CHOCOLATE ! hihi . after break, we changed to full uniform at the toilet . i mean the school toilet !! goshh, i'm out of it.. then we're scolded by teacher for taking sooo long changing clothes.. the bus came before we finished changing . moral of the day --- BE PUNCTUAL

then, we went to komplex sukan . there, ppl re looking at me like HELL mann.. hello ??!! don't u ever saw ppl wearing skirt ? wokey, our outfit is a common uniform and a really really CUTE skirt .

back to the topic . they seems like they NEVER saw ppl wearing skirt ! well , watever, as long as i'm happy with that . i love the way i am . don ever judge me . u're saying i'm bad but u're worse . so what if u're perfect ? so what if u're pretty ? it's none of my business nyway . so, don't talk to me if u hate me . NONSENSE .

so, we had a lot of fun instead . really.. since the day i became vice president, i'm happy to become one of them . perhaps i'll move next year, but at least let me have some fun with them . we're talking crapss .. finishing our time talking bout the teachersss ... hehehehe .. we're that BAD . really ..could become worse than that . or even WORST . but after PMR, everyone re much much happier .. i feel drowsy now . better go to sleep~

good night .
love me .

Friday, October 17, 2008

PMR is over !!!!

♥ freedom at last !

right after we finished our last paper --- geography , I felt like I was flying on the sky ! finally PMR comes to an end . gosh, i nvr felt this way . now then i understand what freedom is all about ! PMR is over n it's time turn over a new leaf . next year, i'm one year older, n i'll be more matured than today . can't wait for sweet 16 . but of course , have to get my PMR results first . for 3 years struggling for PMR, five days last just like that . but , it's worthy mann . for so long i've been waiting, n i finally pass through this difficulty . now, just wanna know my results .

well, overall PMR is quite challenging . especially, CHINESE . it’s extremely hard babe !

BAHASA MALAYSIA --- this subject is rather challenging but fortunately, it’s not as hard as trial I think . and the paper 2 is good laa . no comment .

BAHASA INGGERIS --- it’s moderate . didn’t dare to say EASY . but sometimes, I do think it’s easy, if u compare with Singapore’s level . however, don’t be too confident . whatever it is, I’m satisfied enough with my English .

BAHASA CINA --- OMG . this is d hardest !!! just pray to God so I can get A for this subject . principal is hoping me to get straight 9As including this tough subject . I’m gonna die this time .

AGAMA ISLAM --- thank GOD ! Saidina Ali had become the question of the year ! hihi . thank GOD it’s not as hard as I think . but honestly , the invigilator for this subject is soo handsome . but fortunately, I still can concentrate on my exam . hahax .

MATH --- math ? it’s 100 times easier than our trial mann . hope I can get A for this .

SCIENCE --- nothing special . just like usual though . the paper 2 is quite challenging cuz it requires thinking . need lots of explanation . haizz .

SEJARAH --- me n my friends checked the answer for this subject n MAYBE I’ll get about 8 errors something . plz don’t be more than that . I forced myself to study this subject n it’ll be a waste if I didn’t get A for this . I’m out of my mind …

GEOGRAFI --- quite confusing but overall it’s OK . my teacher also checked this for me n to my surprise, I only get 5 errors ! hope it’s the real results mann.. I’ve studied so hard for this subject n I really hope for A .

KEMAHIRAN HIDUP --- I was so LUCKY to take ERT ! for three years I kept complaining this subject . but now, I really wanna thank the examiner for giving such beautiful questions ! thank GOD … I think I can do well in this subject . hope soo .

9 subjects . huh . 5 days . finally comes to an end . so, my PLAN after this ---

1. I wanna sleep 8 hours per day cuz I never had a sleep like that before this !!!
2. I wanna online 24hours n enjoy chatting with my friends .
3. I wanna get a new BF . hahax . just kidding .
4. I wanna get a new handphone ! but after I get my results of course .
5. I wanna rest on PEACE . not mati laa . just wanna have some peace . in innisfree I guess . hihi ^.^
6. I wanna be friend with my ENEMY ! hope soo . yeah right .
7. &, I wanna sleep with my mom n dad , cuz it’s been 3 years I didn’t sleep with them !!! hihi ^.^

That’s my DESPERATE seven plans . I got a lot more . but let me think of it first .

Well, gtg .
Wanna have some peace in my rest .
Ahax . just kidding LOL .
Good night n sweetdreams !

Friday, October 3, 2008

big big open house ! haizz .

cute cake . isn't it ?

what a tiring day !
terorists are attacking my house !

gosh . i'm extremely exhausted today ! but at least , i enjoyed my whole day of being a SLAVE . ahax . juz kidding LOL . well, my old friend, from my former school, she came to my house . n now she's studying in another school . she's awesome mannn ! i mean, she's sporting and both of us re talking craps mann . she was like OMG it's been a long tym we didn't meet each other n we really had a great time together ! reallyyy . physically, she's pretty n cute ! n mentally, i think she's mentally disorder . juz kidding LOL . she's as crazy as me mannn . she didn't change at all . no and never . i really hope she'll be d same her forever but of course be matured as she grows older . yeah . we're friends since we're in primary school . we used to sit together last time n we enjoyed evry moment we're together . we eat, laugh, and sleep together . ahax . only at school [ will never do more than dat ]. don't we look like a PIG ? .yes we are . she loves PIG . hihi ^,^ . but NOT me . never .

wukey, stop praising her . despite of her "goodness" , she's d worst girl ever ! hihi ^,^

she's d craziest girl ever ! she's talkative . n, she's an UNLOYAL girl . don't ever trust her ! hihi . n d most important thing is --- she got lots of boyfriends . i mean XBFs . 7 i think . within 2 years ? u've got to b kidding but YES she did ! her BF who last longest is one and a half year while d shortest period of attaching together is less than 24 hours . i guess . she's out of her mind, but yeah, she's pretty n it's normal if she can get BF juz like dat ! n now, she's madly in love with one of my classmate . hahax . yeah2, her currently BF --- st**** c**n . hihi . guess it's not a secret nymore .

talking bout her dis much, did i mention her name yet ? wukey, her name --- OLIVIA . nice name huh ? but really, she's a BAD girl . hihi . nvm . she's not going to kick my ass nywy . unless she found my blog =P

yeah2, my open house today ? gosh, i had a great time with my bro's friends n my cuzies . my friends ? they dumped me ! no laaa . i didn't invite them at all, except some of them . actually, i'm doing it purposely cuz for my friends, i will hve another PARTY for them after PMR . nice, isn't it ? right after the PMR is over . 17th of October i think . hope thy'll understand .

overall, i enjoyed my whole day of being part-time waitress . it was fun ! yeah2, me n rebecca re talking shits too . with olivia n faz . they're crazy . miss them sooo much ! i really wanna say sorry to faz, cuz i didn't entertain her much today . u know ... after meeting old friend , there's a lot to say ! sorry faz . i have to . this is the only time we meet each other . n thx too cuz faz n bec re trying their best to fit into our conversation . thx darlas . muaackkkxxx .

what a great day !
hope for a better tomorrow .
nyt2 n sweet dreams .