Saturday, October 18, 2008

♥ penat gilakk !

hari ney penat gilakk ehh ! what a tiring day ! for the whole day i spent my time with the school brass band . morning, i left my house . go to the school and practice with my instrument . wukey, it's BOOORINGGG .. then after that, take around ten minutes for break . we just eat bread .. but i'm so grateful cuz it's CHOCOLATE ! hihi . after break, we changed to full uniform at the toilet . i mean the school toilet !! goshh, i'm out of it.. then we're scolded by teacher for taking sooo long changing clothes.. the bus came before we finished changing . moral of the day --- BE PUNCTUAL

then, we went to komplex sukan . there, ppl re looking at me like HELL mann.. hello ??!! don't u ever saw ppl wearing skirt ? wokey, our outfit is a common uniform and a really really CUTE skirt .

back to the topic . they seems like they NEVER saw ppl wearing skirt ! well , watever, as long as i'm happy with that . i love the way i am . don ever judge me . u're saying i'm bad but u're worse . so what if u're perfect ? so what if u're pretty ? it's none of my business nyway . so, don't talk to me if u hate me . NONSENSE .

so, we had a lot of fun instead . really.. since the day i became vice president, i'm happy to become one of them . perhaps i'll move next year, but at least let me have some fun with them . we're talking crapss .. finishing our time talking bout the teachersss ... hehehehe .. we're that BAD . really ..could become worse than that . or even WORST . but after PMR, everyone re much much happier .. i feel drowsy now . better go to sleep~

good night .
love me .

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