Saturday, February 28, 2009

bloody muddy field.

awful sports day.
thank God it's the last time for me :)

watch this.

kasian orh. have to run in mud. bloody hell.

sukantara part two.

i hate laundry.

gahh. thank God for the laundrettes, if they hadn't been invented, i'd be dead of hydrophobia by now. huh, it's awful handling your own laundry, especially when it comes to manual washing. uh, just don't let me start this stupid topic.

sheetz, i'm so not ready with my standardize test. i haven't study yet, not even for any single subject. i'm sick with my packed timetable. it's so hard to get my butt off the bed at 4am. but, who would have done such crazy thing, EVERYDAY? so, i woke up at 5 am instead. HAHAH. after self-cleaning, prayer, breakfast blablablah, we've to gather around in front of the cafe just for some long-winded morning call. for all this while, i thought short call in SM St Patrick is the longest call ever but i'm totally wrong. 20 minutes just aint enough for that what-so-ever call.

we start our class at 6.40am and end it at 1.40pm. i slept the whole through for some subjects. that's pretty normal to an ammonia student like me. i even get myself some salivary amylase in assembly. but no worries, i have had the legal right to sleep in assembly. who would blame me for that if everyone does the same thing? hoho. sometimes, i love boarding school. xD

yeah, by the way, i'm home. mrsm tawau students can go back home overnight but we've to get back into that prison on Sunday. what a turn off! thank God too cause my parents are speaking to me in tones of gaiety recently. hoho, they are like making pathetic attempts to bring me back into normal life by drawing my attention to items of interest on the television and the other media electronics. 'watch the news!' they brightly exclaimed. boohoo! i'm not living in the jungle bhaa. haha. fyi, i do watch tv, in dewan selera, okay?

i thought i'll be happy living in that prison cause i take no more adult crap but it's the other way round. canselors and teachers are more like babbling around, keep reminding tiny-mini things, they are like really'really caring. especially our cikgu comel, kan fera? hoho.

grr, and yeah, some prostitudes are anti-ing me. i have no idea why they're hating me cause i've never ever spoke to them and then in all of a sudden, they hate me for no reason. weird heh?

so what? i don't care. i'm happy with my life now, satisfy with the food, grateful for the Giant radio, having sweet dreams in my very own single bed, everything, except for the fact that i have to wash my own laundry manually. still, i'm so not happy with laundry thingy. pfft.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


grr, it's been two weeks i've become some jakuns who didn't touch any media electronics except for some stupid radio purchased in giant. i miss my mp4 you know! i strongly disagree that mp4 is not allowed in that so-called prison! but mp3 in the other hand, is allowed. stupid rules.

haiyaa, i don't have mp3 laa...

there, we spent most of our time for meals. stupid timetable, we eat six times per day. my fatty acids and glycerol will difinitely increase rapidly, soon, one month after or maybe a week? NO. that's the reason why i skipped meals for several times. yeaa, who wants to get fat?

but the food is not that bad, quite nice if compared at least it's better than the one in MRSM Koki. and fyi, for these whole two weeks, i washed my very own laundry MANUALLY aka using hands! OMG, it's so abussive. you can't abuse children with laundry! stupid dobi. but thank God, dobi will officially usable next week. gahh.

i met lots of people there. genius, nerdy, horrible, prostitude-looking, mean girls, uh-so perasan prince charming, indecent geek guys, you name it. overall, new school is awesome!

and sheena, really, lots of hotties there. hoho, i think i crush on someone. hoho. kidding. and teehee, i got admirers. hihi. perasan sudaa.

take care people, that's all for the time being. gtg back at 2pm. urgh, i hate rules.

btw, i have some pics for you guys, sweet memories, pleasent viewing. :)

not to forget sheena, fatney, eiya, iman and hanis.


Sunday, February 8, 2009


brass band had a farewell dinner for me today which made me totally touched. we had it in Rasa Sayang, one of the best restaurants in Tawau and the food are really nice.

we had a lot of fun. not really. not as we used to be.
we just don't know how to enjoy ourselves just now.
sad? happy? not at all. heavy-hearted to be exact.

it's been years i've joined brass band and it's really impossible to just forget everything in minutes. i'll miss the retarded president, the totally crazy vice president, ME and all the brass band's members.

i still remember those hard times i've been through in Brass Band. each and every drop of tears and laughters. we shared almost everything, those yellow jokes, those critics on one pondan we've met , those retarded acts from each and everyone of us etc. i'll remember those simple things, even the littlest single thing, i'll bear in my mind.

as for me, myself, i had an arguement before with my ex-bestfriend. we used to be a pair of real bestfriends that no one could ever seperate us. we're that close till we didn't even dare to hurt each other. we used to share the same passion, the same interests, the same car to school aka 'carpooling' and even the same co-curricular unit, Brass Band.

let's call her J. J and i are friends till now but not as close as we used to be. some arguement break our relationship. it's no one's fault actually. it's just that both of us are ego, didn't wanna compromise, didn't wanna negotiate at all. it then became worse till we didn't talk to each other for several months. we didn't even text, didn't even talk, didn't even look at each other. we ignored each other till one day, both of us realized that we're both fool. we lost our friendship just because of misunderstanding. but, it was too late. even the most sincere apology couldn't heal our pain. yes, we become friends again but not as close as we used to be. everything just changed and yeah, i lost my friend.


i promise i won't repeat the same mistake. i'll appreciate everything i have, friendship, relationship, family and most of all ALLAH, who always help me in every thing i do.

look at the cute lil teddy!

our very own Brass Band keychain :)


so, these are my presents for my farewell. huh, having some hard time typing here. won't elaborate more. i had another farewell with my malay friends tomorrow. until my next farewell post, ily :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

birthday :)


my voice sucks too. nvm, as long as you understand wth i'm singing about. hoho.

this is just for you my dear wawa, and me as well. teehee :)

well, actually, i'm extremely happy today cause my friends and i had our very own school photography disaster, in the other word, camwhoring session. i'll upload those pics, but not today, just not today.

i've no idea how to write about today cause too many things happened in all of a sudden, including the sport stuff, those muddy disgusting field, those flirty slutty bitches, the worst rainy day ever, those cute acts from exboyfriend, those camwhoring prostitudes etc.
*wont elaborate more on this part. xD

so, back to the main topic, birthday. fyi, i shared birthdate with 4 persons whom i knew in school or through net. namely wong pui yee, tay, hazman and WAWA :D

but today, i'm going to talk about my best online buddy ever, whom i haven't meet yet. wawa.

she's really cute!

she shares the same birthdate with me. yeah, she's my lost and found twins. LOL. she's totally crazy, talkative, sporting, great pc user and really pro in html thingy and codes. i knew her from friendster and when i realized she had the same birthday with me, we're then become closer to each other and now we're considered as best online buddy, kan wawa? hihi :)

i know she's different. just different from the others. she's like really kind, really fun to talk to, and she even introduced me this blogger. that's the reason why i own this blog.

so, thank you, wawa. for everything, for this friendship, for html codes you've shared with me, for those hard time we've been through before pmr, for those craps we've shared, just for everything. i love you wawa :D

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

my colourful post :)

OMG, i'm so touched. my classmates made a farewell for me and for those who're leaving. guess what, they made a card for every of us and i cried. :((

i've been studying with them for three years, shared our tears and laughter and today was the last day studying in the class cause after tomorrow, we'll have our annual sports days. shit sukantara tomorrow. urgh, sooner or later, i'll become some dark-charcoal creature. that's why i hate sukan but i love my brass band and my rumah sukan, BALUNG. anyways, i'll try my best for Balung tomorrow! :D

fyi, it's my birthday tomorrow!
hoho, i'm hap-hap-happy!! :D

happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to NABILA and WAWA,
and we're turning sixteen! :D

after making some observation in the mirror today, the experiment shows that my wrinkles are gradually increased due to the metabolism and genetics effect. so, the hypothesis is accepted. i'm aging. O.o

BOOHOO! i'm getting older!

ignore those craps. highlight of the day,
i'm turning 16 tomorrow ! :D

p.s : i'll upload my farewell pics after sports day. lazy to do it now, plus this shitty internet line, i give up.