Wednesday, September 2, 2009

serious II

current place : library.

i told my friends about it and now, i'm feeling better. i didn't know how it's going to be but i think i've made my decision, i guess.

it's too complicated. i wanna get things off, but it seems ridiculous. okay, the story sounds this way. he is too kind, too perfect and most of all, he's too hopeful. i don't know how should i describe him, but he's the most perfect guy i had ever have, i mean, as a friend.

i just wish i could remain our relationship this way, but he's going overboard. i didn't know whether this time was overboard or something, but his feelings is more than mine. well, yeah, it's a good thing but i'm really afriad.

i didn't know what am i afraid of. i just don't want him to put high hope on ridiculous things. i just don't want him to not to be him and most of all, i don't want him to get hurt. i just wish he'll remain happy, but not overexcited.

but he's too hopeful. maybe it was only some imaginative story he wrote, but really, he's writing the story of me and him. sort of like, love, he dedicated a poem to me too..well, how sweet would that be, aite? but, come'on, this ain't some romeo-and-juliet story. be realistic, please. i'm not blaming things on you. i'm just trying to be rational here.

actually, there's nothing happened between me and him. maybe it's just me, paranoid. but please GOD, help me, i really really wanna get things off, well not really all, just limit everything.

i'll stick to my promises. just friend.


i think he's going overboard. i mean, he's serious. seriously, i really didn't want these things happen, especially when it comes to this stage. trust me, it's gonna blow off.

i don't think what i've done for all this while is a wise thing. i think he's going too far, further than what i've thought. i didn't expect him to be this serious. it's not that i don't wanna be serious, it's just that, i'm only 16 and hello? what i have to think about is MY STUDY.

xxx, tell me that you'll remain friend with me, forever, please?? :(

please GOD, help me out.

i think i should finish it off. he started it and i'm the one who will end it.
yes, i'm doing it. for the sake of me, and him too.