Wednesday, September 2, 2009


i think he's going overboard. i mean, he's serious. seriously, i really didn't want these things happen, especially when it comes to this stage. trust me, it's gonna blow off.

i don't think what i've done for all this while is a wise thing. i think he's going too far, further than what i've thought. i didn't expect him to be this serious. it's not that i don't wanna be serious, it's just that, i'm only 16 and hello? what i have to think about is MY STUDY.

xxx, tell me that you'll remain friend with me, forever, please?? :(

please GOD, help me out.

i think i should finish it off. he started it and i'm the one who will end it.
yes, i'm doing it. for the sake of me, and him too.

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