Monday, August 31, 2009

that feelings?

have you ever felt someone is the one just right by your side but afraid to tell everything for one and only reason that you might afraid the present relationship will fade away?

i'm having it now. i told my my best friend, i don't trust boyfriend. and i don't know which nerve on my mind tells me that boyfriends are temporary but that special one may be last even longer.

i'm not sure if he is the one. it's complicated 'cause i'm still young and i haven't discover the outside yet. i'm too young to decide these things but it seems right. well, maybe i'm considered young, but it doesn't mean that i can't be mature.

so, think nabila, be mature, your life isn't only here. there's thousands more obstacles, happiness, various kind of people out there that you haven't know yet. hold on tight with your promises before, nabila. keep those feelings away, pull it away but please don't throw it.

look, i'm deciding now. it won't vanish or fade away. it will just remain that way. you and me will be just friend, not more than that. i have my own track, same goes to you. we still have a long way to run, please don't make me stop here.

i love you as a friend.

btw, i'm going back to hostel today. really sorry for not updating. i just don't want to say about homework, it didn't lift any of my burden anyway. just some sloppy words here. and not to forget,

it's 52nd Independence Year of Malaysia, people :)

p/s : i desperately need advises. please, help me out. fera, fazrina, sheena, iman, anyone?

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Sheena ;) said...

hey babe. im sorry, but i cant give u any advise, cause honestly, im confused about my feelings. and im not really good in these whole relationship thingy.. hehe..