Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the unexpected smoking guy

the age old debate; are smoking men sexy or nasty? O.o

does this look sexy to you?

nahh, for an 18-year-old-girl like me, the first question was supposed to be: "why do men smoke?" *now that sounds nerd* -.-

well, i'll never have that guts to really ask the chain smokers why but i'm quite sure that i'll get a variety of answers from them. it's really difficult to find a single answer about the reasons of smoking, it's like; people have valid reasons for smoking and more or less they enjoy smoking. err, yeah, "enjoy". the feeling of ease and pleasure after smoking that they can do their job easily and more comfortably. like, they have to follow some kind of smoking-schedule-routinely, then they'll call it as a REAL LIFE.

weird, strange, and "WHY???!!!!". yes, still: WHY DO THEY SMOKE??

1. for any-health-concious-homosapien-on-earth would say:
"they're addicted and can't help themselves. that's the only reason."

2. for temporary-smokers-like-they're-not-going-to-be-addicted would say:
"alas, it's not like we're going to die instantly. i'm not a heavy smoker though. i smoke slim cigarettes. i just really like it, care much?"

3. for forever-and-ever-smokers-like-he'll-never-let-them-go-even-for-one-single-second would say:
"we are all going to die at some point. i've had so many friends die at a very early age, not related to tobacco, which i realized to do the things in life that i like to do. i won't die worrying when the sky is going to fall, i love smoking."

see? when we get to compare these three answers, there's one obvious reason; clearly because they are living their life to the fullest, BUT with their own ways.


wait, am i encouraging people smoking?

the history few years back changed my perception towards any smoking guy. my grandfather left us just because of this tiny little monster: cigarette. but before he left us, that cigarette left him first. yes, he had this sudden-stop-smoking, and that's what took away his live.

until yesterday, i saw a friend took out a pack of cigarettes, removing a cigarette, and lighting it, and yes: he had that almost ritualistic satisfaction, exactly like my grandpa used to. i was helpless, i did nothing but peek. i spoke nothing and ignored. i was completely a useless friend. but who am i to stop him? was that really him? standing there smoking??

i have no idea.

please, please don't smoke guys. you can still be a manly guy without cigarette. chill yawww~ =D

assalamualaikum! =D

Thursday, March 10, 2011

money and me T.T

i checked my first salary in Public Bank today and yahoooo~ my current savings increased! teehee! =D

OKAY, it's not that much. but alhamdulillah i finally earn my own money!! so, i think firmly right after i saw the figures. RM***.**. it's not even 1k yet. YET. the thing is not get freaked out by how much i happened to spend for all this while. it's water under the bridge. the point is today is the beginning of my frugal life. i swear i'll cut my expenditure by half or maybe more or worse not even using any of it 'cause i reckon i can do much better than that. HEHE! :p

i've decided not to withdraw any single cent. let it grows and me: become richer =D

and as a result, i walked along the street with an empty purse. (right -.-) but i felt pure and refreshed. look at all those people on the street, scurrying around, thinking about nothing but money (especially this one fat guy i met in BSN, i think i saw some money scratch on his forehead -.-)

money, money, money, it's simply an obsession. but once you relinquish money altogether, it ceases to have any relevance. already, i feel i'm in completely different mindset, like seriously. less materialistic, more philosophical. more spiritual. like people always say: we all fail to appreciate each day just how much we already possess. light, air, freedom, love, the companionship of friends. i mean, these are things that matter, aren't they? not clothes, shoes, and fripperies. -.-

it's almost frightening, the transformation which already occured within me. for instance, i walked past the magazine kiosk and idly GLANCE OVER - but i don't feel the slightiest desire to buy any of the magazines in offer. they are so irrelevant in my new life.

so i kept on walking, feeling serene and impervious: like a buddhist monk -.- and to my own surprise, i walked straight past the discount shoe shop without even looking, and straight past Vinci's too. no more cendol today. no more nasi lalap. no spending at all, just straight to amanah saham to open my new account there. T.T
(and saving in amanah saham is indeed a good investment since they offer a higher percent of interest compared to the other banks. source: my dad)

so now, i'm planning on transferring a huge amount of money from my Alliance Bank's account into Amanah Saham. hehe! good plan =D

and i'm so sorry if i have to decline any of my friend's invitation to any money-requiring-events: because obviously I'M SAVING~ lalala :D

but of course, fatney, i'll keep my words on that nasi lalap's treat and to my smsp's friends: i am soooo looking forward for the steamboat thing! hehe! (once in a blue moon maa. never mind one =p)

anywho, i'll stick to these two new words: frugality and simplicity. well, probably my new watch-words :/

a new, uncluttered, Zen-like life, in which i spend nothing. seriously. -.-

till then everyone, sweet dreams! assalamualaikum =D