Sunday, March 22, 2009

check-in mrsm :(

time flies and it's time to say goodbye.
i've got to go back to where i belong.
gahh, life gets back to normal.

JAKUNIST's life.
no handphone, no internet.
wiil miss you all.
keep in touch, okay?

with love,
nabila azureen aka yiyin :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

SHUT UP ! i'm fat.

it took so long for me to open up this stuff. well, where did i go? haha, i was actually enjoying playing friendster. HAHA. damn, it's a joke.

no, it's not. -___-

i still remember the last time i've addicted with this stupid stuff was two years ago which had now, become a stupid stuff of mine, again, for this whole week. i spent at least 600 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 milliseconds for this stupid stuff per day and i'll have about 150++ comments everyday and i was like WTF? and currently my comments are as much as my FATS in my ass. trust me, i'm gaining weight due to my physical disability + my mom's best cooking ever + my have-not-done-yet-homework.

gah, i'm lazayyyyyyy.

and today, to my dissapoinment and sadness in my heart and soul,

i've found out that i've gained 2 KILO.

2KILOGRAM people!
2 KILO !!!!!


i thought there's some zero error with that fcking machine, what did they call that machine??? aiyaaa, the one measure measure weight one?? duh, forget it.. but apparently, there's NO ERROR at all 'cause i just found out it was actually an electronic one which has no possiblility to make any mistake. blehhh -___-


arghh, i ain't gonna look into the mirror again. not forever lah. i feel ugly, ugly, uglehhhh!! arghhh, i'm desperate, desperate, desperate. i think i'm gonna start staying away from rice. yeah yeah, and chicken and meat and mutton too and whatever that relates to fats.

my tummy is LAYERING.
omgomg, LAYERED!!
macam kuih lapis sudaa -___-

things to do ASAP. *which i don't know when, yet.
1. WORK OUT. ask dad to bring me to park.
you know i won't go alone! ada itu anjing gilaaa.

to forget about food. :((

to avoid eating actually.

or else i'll be thinking about food.

lesson of the day --- DO NOT EAT.

this is serious man, i don't think i'm gonna step into the kitchen looking for some junks and food. no. NO. no.

this can be good too.
you won't notice you're fat when everyone is as fat as YOU. lol.

p.s : i've just gotten myself eating some cadbury marble chocs just now but i swear i won't eat it after this. but wait til i finish it laa. how could i DARE throw them away? they're my favouritessss. even the anorexics won't do that. xD

Saturday, March 14, 2009

swollen up nose.

i woke up late today ever since last night a model aeroplane became stuck fast to my nose with glue, i have suffered torment. my nose has swollen up so much that i am frantic with worry that it might burst and take my brain with it, no kidding.

fyi, i'm now suffering from giant flu + sore throat.

i didn't go for camping today due to my gigantic swollen nose. my life SUCKS. i cant do anything instead of blogging. guess my blog looks better right now, aite? gahh, white and simple.

talking about swollen nose, it reminds me about rihanna whose nose had swollen bigger than mine all because of her so-called devoted boyfriend. she's an idiot and chris is a dumber. they cheated on each other but they still wanna be together. they broke up for zillions and get back together for trillions and now, they ended up their relationship, again with a worse fight. watch this vid. it explains everything.

gosh, they're awful. xD

owh yeah, recently people are talking about spm results. my big bro is one of the spm candidates too. he gets straight As which is a big WOW to me.

his results : 8 A1, 1 A2.

he gets A2 for biology. i know he hates bio. that's the reason why he hates medicine. my mom once asked him to be a doctor but he ended up choosing engineering. he's now taking his A level as a preparation to go to Australia for his further study in engineering. anyways, CONGRATS BRO !

23 students from MRSM Kota Kinabalu gets staright As, only 5 of them gets straight A1, vilizan, daniel, kak syafiqah, kak aysyah and kak izzah. they are real great. i hope i'll be like them someday :))

another good news, i got 100% for both biology and pendidikan Islam in my standardize test :)

i get the highest for physics too, 83%.
*due to some technical probs, i get another 2 extra marks from teacher.

but i didin't score my chemist. my chemist sucks. i didn't study for it and it turns out 76%. i wish i could get higher.

that's all for the time being. thanks for letting me wasting your time.
will blog later =]

Sunday, March 8, 2009

sex maniac ≠ physcho

have you ever came across erotic thoughts before?
if no, you're a total bore.

look, i'm not a sex maniac, not a hypochondria, either. i had just noticed my wrinkles forming at my forehead. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if my hair turns white overnight. i know, i'm now an adult, i'm no longer young.

okay, i was a normal type of intellectual teenager before some super-duper erotic thoughts came across my mind---i have never seen a real dead body, or naked body for my entire life. except for some little toddler's sexy-not-naked-body.

perhaps you might be saying right now, i should seek a professional psychiatric help for my hypochondria. come'on, i'm 16. i think parents should be more opened in these kind of topic. same goes to teens, there's nothing to be shamed of. in fact, discussing these kind of things will prevent teens from going overboard 'cause at least, they know what are the consequences after doing sexual intercourse.

look, teens are growing, our body's in a whirl, our hormones are in a maelstroms and our emotions are up and down like yo-yo. and of course, teens want sex. every lad of our age does. it's just the matter of doing it or not. for example, there are people who crave penthouse apartment and exotic holidays, but we can't have what we want all the time, right?

as for me, myself, i've been discussing this topic with my parents and they take it easy. their advice: take up a hobby, keep physically and mentally alert, learn to control your breathing and most of all, believe in your belief. :)

i think sex is only a small part of our life. so, enjoy your precious teenage years, people! life is so enjoyable, if only you didn't live in a hostel.

still not happy with the laundry.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

if the boot fits, wear it.

but if the boot isn't fit in, should i wear it?

gahh, it's like my foot are trying to fit into an extremely small boots right now. i'm so not into the mood of living in a jail. if you get what i mean.

it's not that i'm totally displeased with my boarding-schooled life right now, it's just that my life is so not enjoyable. my life is a total bore. go to school every day, every hour, every minute and seconds and all i have to think about is SCHOOL.

my standardize test had just over and thank God i haven't fail for any subject, yet. i thought i would fail my physics but hell man, i get the second highest in the class. it's like so unbelievable that i could score as high as 81% on that freaking hard paper! i thought i'll screw up that paper and end it crying nights and days, but now i feel like i wanna kill myself for being too ecstatic.

my BM gets the highest, 92%. teehee. i think i should write more BM posts after this. hoho. and my sejarah is the second highest, 96%. a few friends of mine get 100% for their sejarah which is totally an impossibility to score in st patrick.

we haven't get the others. a few subjects more to panic.

"omg, you already have boyfriend?" some of my friends exclaimed. the answer is NO cause it's the most illegal thing to be done in our school. but for further infomation, please ask me personally cause here is like too public. hehe. only my bestest friend would know about it. ;)

btw, i had become a poet there, yeah, apparently. hoho. and the funniest thing is, i'm a bahasa melayu poet. LMAO! xD

i was chosen to be the top 10 poets for the entire mrsm tawau and we'll have a final competition next tuesday to represent maktab to fly to Kuala Lipis for Minggu Bahasa. pray for me btw. :)

so, i'm home, again. we're allowed to go home once again cause next monday will be Maulidur Rasul. guess i have to spend another few days sleeping like a pig until the sun had completely rose. i'm now a desperate-sleeper. and a laundry hater, too. still, i hate laundry.