Saturday, March 14, 2009

swollen up nose.

i woke up late today ever since last night a model aeroplane became stuck fast to my nose with glue, i have suffered torment. my nose has swollen up so much that i am frantic with worry that it might burst and take my brain with it, no kidding.

fyi, i'm now suffering from giant flu + sore throat.

i didn't go for camping today due to my gigantic swollen nose. my life SUCKS. i cant do anything instead of blogging. guess my blog looks better right now, aite? gahh, white and simple.

talking about swollen nose, it reminds me about rihanna whose nose had swollen bigger than mine all because of her so-called devoted boyfriend. she's an idiot and chris is a dumber. they cheated on each other but they still wanna be together. they broke up for zillions and get back together for trillions and now, they ended up their relationship, again with a worse fight. watch this vid. it explains everything.

gosh, they're awful. xD

owh yeah, recently people are talking about spm results. my big bro is one of the spm candidates too. he gets straight As which is a big WOW to me.

his results : 8 A1, 1 A2.

he gets A2 for biology. i know he hates bio. that's the reason why he hates medicine. my mom once asked him to be a doctor but he ended up choosing engineering. he's now taking his A level as a preparation to go to Australia for his further study in engineering. anyways, CONGRATS BRO !

23 students from MRSM Kota Kinabalu gets staright As, only 5 of them gets straight A1, vilizan, daniel, kak syafiqah, kak aysyah and kak izzah. they are real great. i hope i'll be like them someday :))

another good news, i got 100% for both biology and pendidikan Islam in my standardize test :)

i get the highest for physics too, 83%.
*due to some technical probs, i get another 2 extra marks from teacher.

but i didin't score my chemist. my chemist sucks. i didn't study for it and it turns out 76%. i wish i could get higher.

that's all for the time being. thanks for letting me wasting your time.
will blog later =]

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