Saturday, June 27, 2009


when it happened this way, all you have to do is to be neutral.

but i'll never be completely neutral. it's not that i wanna side any of them, but please, gimme some time to settle down.

ok, i'm currently involved in a boys' fight, involved indirectly. i hate it when it comes to this way, when guys fight because of a girl, (not fighting OVER a girl) and the girl is me. *this ain't about edward-vs-jacab-love story.* i don't consider this prob as relationship prob 'cause it's more to a friendship prob. it's been three years being friend with you two and i didn't wish to end this friendship just because of some silly mistakes that one of us did.

ok, i admit it, somewhere, somehow, i'm wrong. but please, you two, perhaps one of you is reading this, stop your ego please? why didn't you both settle down and just solve it PEACEFULLY?

i know, guys ain't girls.

and i'm not one of you. i didn't know how it feels to be a guy, i didn't know how it feels to be a boyfriend to a girlfriend, i didn't know how it feels to be a male student but despite of those feelings, i know how it feels to be a girl who had stucked in the middle. after you both came to me separately, at the same day, told me everything that i should know, i felt very, very guilty. if only i could give up, leave you two behind and let everything goes with the flow.

but it wasn't that easy. it took me nights and days thinking of both of you. look, no matter how ego were both of you, i know, you two need each other soo sooo much. please don't fight over a little thing. you're big enough to choose the right.

to be honest, i'm truly disappointed of you, Mr S. i thought you're the best for him, but it seems a NO. Mr. S, he's trying to change himself, please except him for the way he is. he didn't mean those things to be happened. he really needs you right now. all you have to do is to be with him, guide him, accompany him against all odds.

my advice, don't be that sensitive. and to Mr A (who'd used to be a best friend of Mr S), please change your attitude. you're almost hated by everyone in your hostel. behave yourself please and don't fight over the littlest thing. it ain't worth it.

so, that's all for the time being. about the post going to Kuala Terengganu, i'm actually going to MRSM Kota Putra, Besut, at terengganu. not kuala terengganu :)

and can't wait to fly off, off we go! BATU PAHAT :DD

till then, miss you too fazrina. looking forward to meeting you next hols. miss you like HELL.


edora93 said...

AQ BACA SETIAP PERKATAAN KO paling suka yang TERAKHIR.!!!!hmpr aq mngis dibuatnya!!!!!btol!!!!!aq tersangat2 la rindu ko!!!!!!!!!!!cuba ko lupkn ttg c s n a tu dulu..baik ko pikir psl aq..hahahahaha..nnti aq mau ko cerita sumanya kat aq!!! miss u soooooooo much,dr kwn baek ko!fazrina:)

andynurehanadibahrahim said...
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fera pumpkin said...

ko taw juak kan aku prnh pns sal hal durg ne. aiyak! aku maw taw detail ne bah sebab musababnya.
i dont think he's that bad to be hated but hw shld we noe ryte. mcm la aku nda skit aty msa aku tgk c a tue try the best mau sapa c s tp tue anak wat nda lyn. uinah. agak la kan. cm apa ja. neway. hrp cpt la durg settle. aku komen puas2 cne. cuz kn nda leh sua cerita2 d dorm. huhuhu. weyh serius. kao mesti tolg itu org c a tue. n yg kao prlu buat, kasi satu durg balik. lau psl c a dgn c S yg desperado tue, i hope u noe which 1, itu lantak la. nda peduli. hehehe.