Monday, June 8, 2009

short update here.

flying off to KL at 2.00pm. gonna get ready now.. but i'm have no mood for it. I DESPERATELY NEED SOME REST ! and yeah, just came back from LD last night, cousin's wedding and it was wonderful, upload the pics later. and, just wanna say goodbye here. it's gonna be a long vacation. THE WHOLE WEEK ! until this Sunday and i'll be back on Sunday too. gahh, enjoy heh? no, it's not. it's tiring. but anyway, i've booked 4 twilight series from a friend of mine in KL ! hahahaha ! yes, i'm a twilight freak ! and that's the main purpose of going to KL besides shopping. hihi.. gonna get ready now..i still haven't pack my things..haha, i'm LAZAYYYYY. xD


p/s: so sorry for not rplying comments. it's tiring baby. :(

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