Saturday, June 13, 2009

stupid KLIA.

am now at KLIA.

spending my time here in some stupid cafe which charged me RM10 for 50 minutes of using internet. stupid cafe..gahh, i'm sooooooooooo regret for not bringing my super-duper heavy laptop here. but whatever it takes, i've wasted my precious 10 ringgit for something stupid here...yeah, blogging.

and yeah btw, i've snooped around sheena's blog and kay's private blog just now. i wish to convey my greatest congratulations for sheena's brand new hair, it was really really NICE :D

and kay, i love your private blog, 'cause i'm sooooo sooooo in love with lucas and that GAY boy, ADAM LAMBERT. WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !! so what if he's a gay?? xD

i love you, ADAM LAMBERT !

move on, my life in KL was really UNcool. getting bored her, i mean it was really boring here. going to the same places everyday..and obviously, there's no handsome boy..if do, they're mostly taken. BOOHOOOO..and their girlfriends are the BICTHEST girlfriend ever!! ok stop flying off to kk today at 9.50pm. stupid MAS airline..we've to get another flight tomorrow to get back to tawau. stupid, stupid hols. and tonight, i'm gonna spend my night at KKIA, and it was a total SUCKSSSS...

and to my so-called devoted companions, who'd always snoop around my blog and look at my craps, thanks a lotttt. :DD
i'm totally busy for this two weeks.
no time for replying comments...soo sorry :)

and for sheena, i'm actually incharged for your tuition thing in my school. but i didn't see you at my school...tell me what class are you in.. curious to know here.. :)

and and, do you think there's handsome guy in my school nywy? ;p


F i e q™® said...

kim slm KLIA..
tgk2 kan kalo ada pndrv aku tggl kat sna..
i used my pndrv kat cc yg guna kupn 10 hengget tu,.
neway..just njoy yr olidei

Anonymous said...

mahal jugak.