Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i'm still alive, people :)

it was awesome here..
guess what..internet is OFFICIALLY USABLE IN MRSM TAWAU people!!!!
yeah, you Know, for my entire life here, well not exactly, just for these few months, i've been living like a jakunist..specifically, a living without internet...so uncool.. -___-

well, not nymore.. smiley face again!!
smile with me people !! smile !! *wink wink* :D

ok, my school's normal. some students went gay, probably 'cause of pointer aka PNG. i got ranking number 3 for the whole form 4 and yes, thank God :D, my pointer is quite good too, haha, yeah right...3.88 =)

so, here's my result :)

BM 88%
BI 84%
Math Mod 80%
Add Math 87%
Bio 90%
Chem 88%
Phy 71%
Sej 93%
Ag Islam 88%
*not to forget, PJK is included in pointer too*
and fyi, my PJK sucks, 71%

actually my pointer is just 0.01 different from the ranking number 2..which i don't give any damn of anyway..ok, fine...quite good whatt..but still need some hard work..and fyi, ranking number one is soo sooo soo much GAY, 3.94..that was totally amazing..

lastest about me, flying off to Batu Pahat, Johor early of July and at the end of july, going to Kuala Terengganu...the Johor one is for Math Carnival and the KT is for PANDU PUTERI..haha, a lil shocked when i wrote these two words heh?? who'd expect i'll join these girlie things??!! haha, sometimes, people change.. xD

well, that's all for now..struggling my head with some computer project for math carnival right now..hugs and kisses to all bloggersss..
especially to fazrina, izza, sheena, iman, fatney, eiya, kay, myaa, wawa etc..
miss you all so damn muchhhhhh ! :DD

p/s: thanks for reading my post nyway. i've nothing much to blog abt. just a lil update peeps :)

not to forget too,

and btw, if you've any comments or complain perhaps, please DON'T use my chatbox..use the comment tools instead. 'cause my school had banned cbox and i was unable to see ur comments...



Sheena A. said...

huiyooooo ur results..... @_@

Anonymous said...

yeahh. ur result are damn good babe.

Nabila Azureen said...

thanks for the compliment..asm really working hard on it :)
pray for me for this new semester :D

benazirjb said...

wahhh. 3.93?? huhuhu
gosh u r so brilliant!
and talented too!
good luck sis!