Monday, January 3, 2011

how i wish i'm still going to school -.-

so today's stuff went well, the birds were chirping like usual, as well as the dog next door, went berserk (like usual) for no reasons, neighbours were still doing their own things and ignored others' but i am way too far from the usual. after subuh, i decided to sleep back as my head went dizzy and all i had to do is to sleep back. (redundancy:sleep back)

soooo, here's the thing. 3 hours later; i woke up. it was 8, checked up my fb and got downstairs. mumy and abah were going somewhere and surprisingly, unlike usual; my big bro dressed up himself way too early (well, earlier than he used to be); and apparently, they were all leaving the house. well, i did ask why and what but nahh, my head was too dizzy to digest all the details. so, i don't know why (until now). -.-

soooo, i went to the kitchen and be prepared to consume anything's prepared as breakfast. (redundancy:prepared) well well well, delicious nasi goreng with colourful texture that will definitely kills anyone's hunger to just TASTE IT was there, i mean;on the dining table, just there...right in front of MY OWN NAKED EYES!! CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE??!! -.- and i just couldn't stop staring but those interneurones of mine kept transmitting signals to my brain; "just take a plate and EAT IT!!"

but i've been gooooood; i've never thought of finishing all by myself, right? ;) (hehe) sooo, i called my sister :)
(kind-hearted me, kan kan kan? ;) )


come'on, why don't you just get down here and EAT??!! heloooo??? that diet excuse won't work anymore!! you're NOT FAT!!! now come down and EAT!!


grrrr, you're skinny laa kim, you want to get any skinnier??!! -.-


as the black crow passed by with some loud crow sound;cawing?
i dont know laa -.-

plus, the crickets' singing..wait..during daytime??


am i dreaming like they did in Inception??


real me : "no i'm not."

dreaming me : "can i have my own totem to test if this is real or not??!!"

real me : -_______________-''

dreaming me : "WHAT??!!!" (sounds so serious like kononnya kena offer belakon dgn leonardo d caprio dlm inception -.-)

real me : "do you know how you get here?? How you're actually here??? where were you just now?? how come you're here??!!" (like my bricks of house is going to crack into pieces or something and all the subconscious of leonardo d caprio is staring at me)

dreaming me : -___________________-


dreaming me : "so where is MY SISTER??!!!"

real me : "SHE WENT TO SCHOOL laaa..double idi*t"

dreaming me : -___________________-

real me + dreaming me : "ya kann, today's school day -.-. then, what for wait? EAT LAAA.. -.-"

soooo, yeah, I ATE. -.-

moral of the story; stop daydreaming -.-
to make sure you're dreaming or not, search for totem



p/s: you'll only understand the story if you've watched Inception, if you haven't, don't read this, you've wasted your precious, golden, silver, ruby, amethyst, diamond time. hehe, but do watch the movie 'cause this movie was like; the best 2010 movie i've ever seen!! :D


and yeah, how i wished i'm still schooling today. this definitely wouldn't happen, kan? haha, but i did spend my time on something useful, likeeee; COOKING FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY, all by myself! teeheeeeee :D

bon appetit! :)

fried sliced fish with three different yet perfectly combined flavours :D
in BM; we call it - ikan tiga rasa -.-
(not interesting kan? ignore ignore -.-)

well, western people serve western lamb chop.
but tawau people serve TAWAU PAYAU CHOP. HEHE, go tawauu!! :D

the healthiest vegetable on earth yet is disliked by most of the children because of its colour texture and taste?? mustard green?
HEHE, give this to your children and they'll like it RIGHT AWAY!

and there! the dinner's READY!! tadaaaaa! now, bon appetit people!

till next time. salam :D


andynurehanadibahrahim said...

gila you..pandai masak..weehee.. ble kawin suda kawan=)

krisXO said...

hey nabila, yes i do remember you. nice to reconnect with you again :) and ive also had that inception moment today lol.

E.d.Y said...

tgk gambar makanan terus rasa lapar..huhu

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

andy; hihi, nda baa. beginner baru ne. nnt aq masak kan kao arhh. no worries, dtg rumah :DD

kris; heyy, you hve it too? lol. inception, deja vu, daydreaming etc..i often had it. nice to reconnect with you too!! loves :)

edy; hihi, lapar? masak laa :D

bukan photographer said...

wow...nampak sedap semua makanan tu

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

terima kasih. hehe, rasa dulu baru taw :)

Anna.Ruzz said...

salam. wow, pandainya Nabila memasak! nak recipe! hehe :D

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

bolehh. tunggu next recipe. SUSHI :)