Thursday, January 20, 2011

almost heart attack -,-

as the sun stretches out its golden rays and begins to climb into the sky, its glorious morning light makes the clouds blush in a swirl of purple and orange. oh, unlike the days had passed, the cock next door declined to give its daily speech. no, it didn't exist today, left in sandakan apparently. thank God, but i was wide awake; even though last night i remembered i was insomnia. but, i wouldn't wake my mom from her slumber; thought it was too early to be awaken.

i grabbed my watch instead of alarm clock like i used to. looked into the figures on it but unfortunately there's no figure. after a few seconds of interpreting; oh my, oh myyy!!! i screeched. *worse than that i think*

10.47???? a.m or p.m??? @*(#^*&$%&^#!!!
"mumyyyy!! we're late!! wake up mom!!! we'll miss our flight, uncle useh is waiting downstairs, we need to check out...i haven't packed my things...blah blah...etc"

my mom was so cooooool -,-
(like seriously, she has never been cool that way -,-)
"it's still early la yin. look at the phone (my mom's mobile phone)" lending me that mobile with her full confidence. -,-
me: "no mom. it's 10.45am!!!!" O.O


my mom's mobile number shows 0417. okay, stop. it has been a while since i attended add math class, really. worked on math problem? last year maybe. haha. no, it's not funny. i was confused, i was right. i've always been the right one. so i told my mom her phone rosak. then my mom switch on the entire lights in the room we rented; proving that she's right.

apparently she is. it's 4.17am. -________________-

HAHA -,-
my watch turned upside down. no, i turned my watch upside down. -____________-

so here i am now, calming myself down from an-almost-heart-attack; at KKIA - MAS Golden Launge, consuming my breakfast. the place is soo good, it's newly opened. much much better than the KLIA's one. *bersyukur* :D

they provide buffet, television, free-computer-usage, restrooms (of course) magnificient view (really) etc...and WiFi :DD

why they always have pin codes mann, hotel also the same -,-. give unsecured wiFi maa, baru generous. look at airaisia; always says everyone can fly; MAS can also improve; like, EVERYONE CAN ONLINE :D (nice kan? haha)

yummy breakFATS. -,-

flight to KL is at 10am something. cant wait to meet my big brother (si pencuri chocolate saya). hehe, miss him so much! till then, pray for my safe journey :)

captured this from today's Borneo Post

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR PEOPLE and happy advanced birthday to me. hehehe. >,<
salam :D


Anonymous said...

nice one!! keep up!~:)

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

thanks, but who are you? thanks for dropping by anyway :D

andynurehanadibahrahim said...

yin. sayaq jealous tinguk ko punya english languages. jeeeeleess..ajar bha saya. hahahaa

ザ-sylver- S said...

gambr2 captured pakai iphone ke


asalamualaikum..selamat berkenaln..