Saturday, January 8, 2011

10 years later, wonder what will happen :|

miss A: "hey, it'll be great kan if we have our own alumni? like they did in sm st patrick..then we'll be the biggest organisers, making reunions and all. i bet it'll be fun! meeting our former teachers and all, visiting the students (our juniors) andddd, dewan seleraaa, and and hanging out again at cafe...blah blah and blahh.." *talking with the fullest ecstasy*

me: "yeah, why not." *with no interest, focusing on my drama in dewan selera yet trying to respect and look interested to that very conversation*

miss A: "yeah yeah yeah! i have this plan, we'll do exactly what sm st patrick did. remember?"

me: "like meet-up-friends-say-hello-and-talked-all-day-long that kind of stuff?" -.-

miss A: "well, not that boring la weyhhh..and and and, we must have that OCHESTRA!! yeah! like we had when we're in brass band, remember??" *talking and shouting simultaneously as if i'm not hearing*

me: "sooooo, when are you going to organise this and that? the alumni club? the reunion? and no, i'm definitely not going to be the assistant of yours. no"

miss A: "unfortunately, YES YOU ARE. the alumni club, i'll figure it out later, maybe right after we get our spm results and about the reunion, i've been thinking if it's okay if we held it 10 years later?? is it okay?? 17 to 27..hmmm"

me: "haaahhh?? heeee -.-"

miss A: "yeah, when some of our friends come with their children, with their husbands, then we'll check out for the 'singles' then we mix and match laa..hehehe"

me: "semangat nya kau, and penyibuk as well -.-"

the above conversation was held in dewan selera. when some of my friends and i were watching drama, at the same time consuming our supper; and there, she came; noisy yet cute girlfriend of mine.

yep, reunion. what will happen 10 years later, i wonder. HAHA :D

married? at what age do you think you'll get married? no figures but thousands of questions and stupid thoughts came out. yes, it's stupid; thinking of marriage on such a young age, how possible that could be? after all, i've just finished my spm, i still have my own infinity voyage to travel, i'm definitely not going to marry myself at such a young age, so what for thinking about it? i thought and ignored.

well, but i'm a girl with the same passion as many girls out there; ever thought of having my very own wonderful wedding someday - my very own garden wedding in botanical gardens or maybe in some historical setting. that was 10 years ago, when i was 7. years later i was showered with another question; how if the mother nature decides to go a little wild, then my garden wedding would turn into a garden nightmare? oh no. i should have my back-up plans. tents wouldn't help much but how about a bigger tent, like this? HEHE :D

and i've been thinking if i could 'borrow' some pigeons from Malaysian National Pigeons Association since i need white pigeons so much to make it look like a real garden wedding? hehe :p

totally forgot to mention chocolate fountains. well, i've decided to hire (as if i'm getting married, haha) an outside vendor for chocolate fountains instead of using the other dessert options. because, i thought the vendor will be cheaper plus the healthy dippings items like: strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, cookies and most of all, PRETZELS from europe (haha, mimpi -.-), who would complain kan?

one milk chocolate and one white chocolate. oh myy, i'm pretty psyched for that - i love white chocolate and i've never seen a white chocolate fountain at a wedding ever. (is there?) plus, there's the added bonus that i will be able to stuff my face and not get any brown chocolate on my gown. white chocolate can still spill - yes, but it won't do as much damage. yay me!

look at those berries, marshmallows, pretzels, cookies and and those cute cupcakes!! ohh, what a wonderful moment. MAMAMIAA! :D

not to forget, love songs is a must. bryan adams', air supply's, aerosmith's, abba's, josh groban's and most of all, ERIC CLAPTON'S - Tears In Heaven and Wonderful Night (the one that is first played when you refresh this page ;p)

Narrated Abu Huraira: "The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, `A woman is married for four things, i.e., her wealth, her family status, her beauty, and her religion. So you should marry the religious woman [otherwise] you will be a loser.'"
- taken from -

it seems ridiculous to discuss on such things, right? especially girls on my age, 17?? (well, going to be 18 but not yet ;p) but think again, people always say that they are too young to think about marriage. i think it’s just because younger people usually don’t know who they are. they are constantly changing and finding out new things about themselves.

and maybe i seemed to be sooo positive on marriages; chocolate fountains, white doves, garden setting and so forth. but, marriage is a hard work, and sometimes no matter how hard you work it doesn’t work out. even the outside influences can poison a marriage, how about the uncertain relationship before marriage?

i'm not convincing any of my readers to not get married just to avoid themselves from getting hurt. no, never. marriage is one of the most wonderful things to be experienced and remember; marriages that are usually good and lasting marriages are those that start at the least affection :)

The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said "There is no celibacy in Islam." The prophet has also said, "Marriage is my tradition whosoever keeps away from it is not from amongst us".

see? Islam taught us so many things about life. Islam shows to us that nothing could be taken so easily. but everything's possible with Allah's will and effort.

insyaAllah, we'll try to be the best muslim and muslimah and may Allah bless all of us, including our love ones :)

salam! :D


Anonymous said...

i like the white chocolate fountain idea

andynurehanadibahrahim said...

wehh...ada orang mo kawin suaa..hahahaa

Dinas Aldi said...

ooooo yummy stuffs on the table!

had a reunion with my school friends after 20 was really something.

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

anonymous: yes, i've been thinking of it. hope dreams come true. hehe ;p

andy: aduh, haha, main2 jak bah. planning awal2. xp

dinas aldi: yepp, yummy indeed! and yes, reunion is awesome. i had it after 5 years leaving my primary school. everyone looks so different.