Monday, November 24, 2008



i just don't know :(

okei. it was damn boring now. sheena is not on the line anymore, leaving me alone with my pc and of course a few more craps out thre. well, i'm back tawau people ! but i feel NO EXCITEMENT at all except the fact that i can online again. no, it's a FINALLY. yea, i'm an internet addict and i can't survive without internet. i was barely alive at sandakan but when i'm back, i felt the same too. my life was loveless. and perhaps me too :(

ermm, i'm not in the mood now talking bout my trip to sandakan n kk. so, just let me tell y'all a lil story of mine during this hols.

so last week, i was attached to some guy but til now, i'm not sure with this attachment. yea, most of u must hve been saying: "don't take too serious to these kind of relationships. u're still young." yea2, i know that. i'm not taking serious hundred percently but i just don't understand this relationship. i mean everything. what's the point of attaching this time? i just don't know. i'm in confusion that i couldn't even explain how does my heart feels right now. i feel like i couldn't trust guy anymore and i couldn't even give other guy some chances. i was reall hurt last time and i don't want it to happen again. never.

yea, i can't blame him for being COLD to me cuz ME, did the same thing to him too. before we attached, everything was soo sweet but after having relationship, everything changed. i mean it had become worse. i just don't understand all of it :(

why can't i forget the past? only GOD knows what's the trauma i've been through before. i'm sick of everything. everything!! and i really wish this relationship never exists. i didn't mean to hurt him but i just don't want to be hurt again.

maybe i need some time. think about it all over again and hopefully will find a DEFINITE ANSWER. please show me the right path. :[

i'm so confused . . .

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