Monday, November 10, 2008

kiss goodbye

gonna miss my TAWAU !

♥ bubu :(

happy midnight peeps ! i'm soo soo not in the mood now. being forced by my mom to spend my two weeks time in sandakan really irritates me. yeaa, it is undeniable that sandakan is much2 better than tawau, but'but u can't expect me to SURVIVE there for 2 weeks ! plus, living without my friends ? yea2, i'm dying~ -.-

however, i've got to look at the positive sides too. at least, living there give me some peace. yeaa, once again, NO WAR KNOW PEACE *my new tm* . i loveee Obama!! okei dokei. another benefit, i'm going to live with my mom. yeaa, that means i'll have the best meal ever, if compared to the living with my dad. but of course, i'm gonna miss my dad. absolutely.. he's the only person who can stand with my keep-changing-mood. frankly, i'm a moody person who would slam anything if i'm JUST NOT IN THE MOOD. so, be prepared.. xD ermmm, haven't think about another benefit yet. yea2 ! i remembered ! i can meet my exBFs there ! my ORANG UTAN ! hahaha~ miss them soo soo much :)

bout my trip to sandakan. no no . i mean my SURVIVAL in sandakan, i'll be there tomorrow, i mean today, on the 10th. and it was a 5-hour-drive and i'll surely have my carsick. again ? goshh, i hate carsick. so, my plan in sandakan ---

1 . wanna me meet my exBFs xD
2 . wanna learn add math with my cuzies .
3 . wanna go to GIANT .
4 . wanna have some peace !
5 . finish my SHIT book .

yea2, wanna tell y'all something. i was really shocked when i found a book entitled 'SHIT' in my dad's drawer. that book was real awesome and it tells every single little thing bout RUDE WORDS. can u imagine that? plus, it tells you how to use it properly and it didn't mean rude at all. for further information, wait till i finished the book. and'and, last saturday, i watched a movie named MAYX PAYNE *i'm not sure with the spelling* , and it was the worst movie ever. it tells about angel thingy and suddenly tells about some drug which makes one to become stronger. so what's the purpose of the appearence of angel ? still, i don't understand the story. :(

lastly, wanna say, goodbye tawau and here i come SANDAKAN !!

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