Saturday, November 29, 2008

in love?

soo in ♥

hello people !
i'm kinda LAZY updating my blog recently.
just wanna say a few words here.

goshh, just now i attended my realtive's wedding and it was TOTALLY awesome! it's not that i'm interested in these weddings thingy but haha, u ain't gonna believe what happen just now! goshh, i'm SOO in lovee ♥ ♥ ♥ . tadaaaa!

i met my first LOVE ! i mean my FIRST crush. no joke.

it's been 4 years we didn't meet each other and it was like POOF i saw HIM back!! he's taller and of course more handsome. haha. i was soo crushed on him since i was in primary 5. haha, kinda funny cuz i meet him again and YES this time is NO MORE CRUSH.

WE ATTACHED ! lolz, kidding. we just exchanged our phone number since he was studying in KK right now. and fyi, he's 17. same age with my bro. he's Uncle Sobrie's son and about his name, i'll tell y'all later after some 'improvement'. if you get what i mean. haha xD

goshh, and of course NOT i'm the one who flirted him. gentleman laa buhh, he did that. just act cool as my BROTHER WAS THERE. but he's nice. idk. whatever. i'm SINGLE and YES i can do whatever things i wanted right? and, same goes to him ! don't get JEALOUS people ! ! hihihi :)

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