Saturday, November 29, 2008

the real boredom

how's this pic?
boredom really can make one to become insane like THIS. no joke.

buhh. boring nyaa.
buhh, sukak hati laaa.
buhh, no credit buhh.
sorry dianne, sis dyan, faz, syamil, muzz, yvonne and a STRANGER.
haiyoo. ada spammer d phone sudaa.
btw, sorry laa people,
credit abeshh !
can't reply your msg people !

p/s : nda taw laa. sukak ckp 'buhh' sudaa ney. gilak sudaa :)

in a sudden, thought of twilight.
really wanna watch this.
and the book, i haven't get it.
goshh, i'm desperate with the book.

and'and, good night people ! :)

gonna miss my Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart :((


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