Tuesday, November 25, 2008

breakaway :D

T H E O N L Y W A Y :)

finally, today i've made my OWN decision. i wanna stop everything. i don't care anymore bout relationship! bye LOSER! why should i be such a fool for being such a dumb to such a LOSER guy? such an IDIOT ! so now, i'm planning to be single. once again, YES i am ! single-mingle !! my plan is, i wanna DUMP him first before he dump me ! bye bye loser ! muahahha. *evill laugh* for guys out there, please don't flirt me. i don't have any mood to entertain y'all. omg, sounds like whores. no, i mean i've no time for these kinda ATTACHMENT THINGY. understand?

so, i've a great holiday this time. really great suckishh!!! went to sandakan and kk. tomorrow, my mom's going back to her second hometown. SANDAKAN. i'm not going back there ! never and ever. such a boring life living there without INTERNET ! plus, i'm having meet-up aka GURLS DAY-OUT with SHEENA !! can't wait. fyi, we're attacking GUARDIAN which we'll have our FREE make up lessons. hahahah xD *kan sheena. so sheena, be well prepared, cuz u'll meet the craziest ppl ever! and'and sheena, i'll bring my HUGE handbag too. just hoping tat i won't be some BULKY MACEK2 laa. hahaha xD

so, that's bout sheena. my new great friend. she's cool. wanna take a look at her?

cute right? i love her smile. gorgeous. jeleshh orhh. hihi. nywy, can't wait to meet u hunn ! i like her words --- GET A LIFE ! and'and, you know what, both of us got chemistry cuz both of us hate bitches. i guess everyone does. =.= but she's different, she told me abt one RETARDED, kesian friend, which is her hater now, acting like some WHORES, i mean sluts, saying bad things bout her. and surprisingly, sheena posted about the bitch into her blog! such a brave of her ! i like her style! that's our own right kan sheena? it was called MY BLOG for reasons ! buduh bha org tuwh sheena.

you see, we're soo famous. haha. fame comes just like that once bitches mention your name. they named it. all over the school and I , the one who had known as MEAN, *kununnya, had become famous and even well-known ! haiyaa, these whores are just wasting their time and SALIVA for doing such useless things. GET A LIFE laa anjing betina aka BITCHES !

i have my own life and my own rights.

this is MY blog. all rights reserved and you have no right AT ALL! you know what, idiots are always dumb and dumber will always be dumped ! don't you think so? so, to my one and only hater, change your attitude and come'on laa, you're NOT FAMOUS laa. stop dreaming BITCH!

p/s: sheena really makes me reminisce the past where i was retarded by some bitches and now my hater is the one who was retarded. kasiann. no friends sudah dya. even her own friends have no trust on her, pa lagi her enemies? begokkk laa kaw snaa . xp

will post something later. hope soo. :)

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