Thursday, November 6, 2008


barrack obama d next president of US !
♥ happy holiday ..

ulaalaa ! hello peeps ! morningg ! really happy today to know Barrack Obama had bcome the next president for United State of America . hope the world will bcome PEACE again , after the ruling of BUSH is over . frankly, i don't like bush at all . how dare am i to talk such a thing in public like this . well, that's my right nywy . so , bout Obama , i support him 100% and really hope he'll change the world .yeaa , NO WAR KNOW PEACE !

so , today is the first day of holiday . yesterday was like OMG next year i'll be in sweet 16 and i'll be no longer 15 . i'm growing older and the time pasts soo fast . it seems like just yesterday i was in form 1 where everything starts from zero . but now, i'm a 15-year-old teenager who is waiting for PMR results . my current doom now .

so, this holiday will be fun . i guess . cuz i'm going to meet my new friend, eva ! hope soo. and'and, most of all, i'm gonna be in Sandakan which i'll have a meet up with my old'old friend, FATIN LYANA . i bet it'll be a blast !! bsides sandakan, i think i'm going to kay2 , looking forward to c myraa ! my coconut ! tee hee :) but i don't think i'm gonna meet my exBF there . he's sucks and i wish i'll never meet him again. never .

overall, i got so much plans for this holiday and i wish i'll use up all my free time wisely . tadaaa :) i'm done ! so, this is d latest pic which i just edited just now .i look soo idiot in this pic . and'and , gonna miss my sanggari cuz she's moving next year and yesterday was d last day we met ! imy , sanggari !!!

p/s : from left -- sanggari , valerie , and silly ME .

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