Saturday, March 7, 2009

if the boot fits, wear it.

but if the boot isn't fit in, should i wear it?

gahh, it's like my foot are trying to fit into an extremely small boots right now. i'm so not into the mood of living in a jail. if you get what i mean.

it's not that i'm totally displeased with my boarding-schooled life right now, it's just that my life is so not enjoyable. my life is a total bore. go to school every day, every hour, every minute and seconds and all i have to think about is SCHOOL.

my standardize test had just over and thank God i haven't fail for any subject, yet. i thought i would fail my physics but hell man, i get the second highest in the class. it's like so unbelievable that i could score as high as 81% on that freaking hard paper! i thought i'll screw up that paper and end it crying nights and days, but now i feel like i wanna kill myself for being too ecstatic.

my BM gets the highest, 92%. teehee. i think i should write more BM posts after this. hoho. and my sejarah is the second highest, 96%. a few friends of mine get 100% for their sejarah which is totally an impossibility to score in st patrick.

we haven't get the others. a few subjects more to panic.

"omg, you already have boyfriend?" some of my friends exclaimed. the answer is NO cause it's the most illegal thing to be done in our school. but for further infomation, please ask me personally cause here is like too public. hehe. only my bestest friend would know about it. ;)

btw, i had become a poet there, yeah, apparently. hoho. and the funniest thing is, i'm a bahasa melayu poet. LMAO! xD

i was chosen to be the top 10 poets for the entire mrsm tawau and we'll have a final competition next tuesday to represent maktab to fly to Kuala Lipis for Minggu Bahasa. pray for me btw. :)

so, i'm home, again. we're allowed to go home once again cause next monday will be Maulidur Rasul. guess i have to spend another few days sleeping like a pig until the sun had completely rose. i'm now a desperate-sleeper. and a laundry hater, too. still, i hate laundry.


F i e q™® said...

Bahasa Melayu Poet?? hehehe.. gud luck thenn... MRSM TAWAU huh?? I supposed to be there..ahahhhahhahahaa.. Wey,, kenal Afi Mohd Arif Koh?

Nabila Azureen said...

yeah right, a BM poet. LOL. and thanks btw. owh! Afi! i know him. haha, one of my friends admired him. agagaga, your former school mate kaa? and'and, what do you mean u suppose to b in mrsm? haiyaa, why dont you move to mrsm instead? lots of fun here ! :DD