Saturday, December 27, 2008


so, this is what happened when the new things came. the olds are neglected and bcome unfortunate. look at my such devoted companion, yellow-mellow Ford Ranger which was no longer a loyal company i consider, is left outside in the middle of the night. whereas Ford Lynx, my mom's ex-favourite were neglected after the arrival of the brand new white pearl creature, Toyota Camry.

don't ask me about the blur capture, it's actually caused by my dad who loves to move while picture was snapped.

and don't blame the lil girl, she's just my temporary model which is unpaid or in other word, free model. LOL.

so people, it was a remarkable achieving considering since i've written the longest post ever! once again, cheers for me! this is my pay for not scribble anything for almost two weeks. btw, choose TOYOTA over FORD cuz i heard FORD is having some economic problem and it's gonna bankrupt soon. that's what i heard from the news recently. until then my longer post. chow :)

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