Saturday, December 13, 2008

away from tawau

once again, i'll be far away from my hometown. going to another place, which is much much better than tawau. but anyway, i'm gonna miss my tawau for sure. :)

so, i'm going to KK tomorrow until the 18th and after that, i'll spend my another two weeks time in Sandakan. i miss my sepilok's babun damn much ! perhaps some of you knew the reasons why i long them that much. uhh, just forget it. and'and, i'm so looking forward to meet you too, Myaa! yes, myaa, she's my coconut and i'm soo soo jealous at her, cuz she owns OCTOPUS which i didn't have yet ! :[ so, i'm gonna buy one. and just a few days ago, i saw this one octopus, exactly like Mya's and it had a great price ! but i think i've got to change my mind. perhaps i should have another kind of pet, maybe a snake or an elephant will do? uh, whatever, as long as it didn't cause me to get a flu !

so KK, here i come ! goodbye, TAWAU !

p/s : i got two more tags to go. one from farahin and another one from sis benben. maybe i'll complete it after my vacation. so sorry my dear ! :)

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