Friday, December 12, 2008

Mr. Right.

Right. this post is all about Mr. Right.
*specially dedicated to esther, my understanding ex-senior.

so, esther had posted a special post just for me ! i mean ME ! *flaterring* who would have done such a great thing to me? *excited* haha. so, she's having the same problem with me which is about relationship. actually, i didn't expect people would read my post about my breaking up thingy cuz it was absolutely boring. i'm not the type that who would be emotional when people left me alone. left me without any sympathy. i'm not the one who would cry badly, rolling on the floor desperately, thinking of someone who dumped me without any reason with all my tears! well, i'm the type of people who would HATE someone once he broke my heart. look, i'm a crude + rude + sarcastic person, who would go balistic with no reason and slam anything in front of me when i'm just not in the mood. so, i don't expect HIM to hate me just because i CURSE him. i'm not cursing him for real! it's just my emotions. you know, *girls on period*. plus, i didn't mention his name at all. so, it's not considered as a CURSE. haha.

let's go back to the topic. to be honest, i love reading esther's blog. it's all about life and i love when she said "Without the wrong guys, we would never meet the Mr RIGHT". just from this single sentence, i felt like i've understood the whole thing. the reason why should i've met HIM and another HIM. it seems like i've found my definite answer, so naturally. i know my actual desire now and i've made my own decision. once and for all. so, the whole 'poem' sounds like this. (taken from esther's blog) :)

Without hurt, we would never know the pain,
Without the wrong guys, we would never meet the Mr RIGHT,
Without hardship, we would never know to appreciate...
Without patience, that's not called "True Love"

yeaa, i believe in you esther. we're still young and we should NOT waste our golden time just for these kind of things. humans are created with their own companion. i believe i'll find my true love someday and now, i should focus on my study. especially next year which i will have my form 4 year. it'll be a huge change, a huge difference, just differ than every thing's now. i need to be ready, i don't wanna be a moron again, an idiot who'll be deluded by guys again.

and about my Mr. Right? i think i've found him. maybe he's the right one. and maybe he could be my true love? look, i'm dreaming again. yeah right =.=' . and i realized i'm so so wrong for meeting such a wrong guy, yeaa, my so-called Mr. Wrong. But, as what've esther told me, you'll never find the right one if you haven't meet the wrong one. so, a lot of thanks to my Mr Right and even my Mr Wrong.

so, yeaa, i'm just me and yeaa, i'm original. so, DON't LABEL ME. if you can delude me this way, SO DO I. just get a life and go away from me. you're so stink jerky !

and, a big big thanks to my dearest Esther who'd been the only understanding people. i feel much much better right now and i wish, you too, Esther. thanks Esther :)

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