Monday, December 8, 2008

why don't you just break me up?

huhh. i'm DONE with you. SICK with you. TIRED. EXHAUSTED. why don't you just break me up? just because i'm a girl? because i'm soft-hearted? or it's because you're alone? afraid to be single??

you said you loved me. LOVING SOMEONE IS NOT ABOUT dating someone, text or phone your another-half all the time. LOVING is SHARING. and honestly, you've shared nothing with me except the despairs, miserables and nothing else. there's no happiness at all. it was only sadness between us that i don't wanna get through again. and yeaa, both of us knew bout it.

but why were we so stupid? hiding the truth? and being dishonest to each other? i smiled to you but have you ever knew that i'm crying inside? you said you wanna forget the past. YES, i've done my best to help you but WHY don't you help yourself? maybe she means a lot to you or maybe i am just a NOTHING for you. then WHY SHOULD THIS ATTACHMENT EXIST?

and i just don't understand why should i accept you at the first time? is it because of love or sympathy? and i realize the answer would be SYMPATHY. i'm so sorry. i've tried my best to love you but NO, i can't do that. i wanna be with someone i love, someone i know and you're NOT THE ONE. i'm so sorry for cheating you for almost a month. i can't take it anymore and i hope someday you'll look into my eyes and say to me that you never love me.

listen here, we have to stop cheating. stop all the bull craps. stop all the drama cuz there're too much secrets and lies between us. and the only thing that we can do is BREAK UP and please don't dodge. avoiding something will only makes something to become worse. so, we break up and i'm single. fullstop.

and dear, the only way to forget a girl is TO FIND ANOTHER GIRL. just walk away! find another girl or get back with your exGF or commit suicide or what cuz i don't CARE !

thanks for everything. i don't love you. being friends is more than enough :)

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