Friday, December 5, 2008

photosnaping :)

ulalaa people!
people always says a picture paints a thousand words :)

so today's post is all about pics pics pics!
okei, i was once told by one of my blog friends that my blog is LACK OF PICTURES. ahha! is that true?

so today, gonna present y'all, THE ONE AND ONLY POST, FULL OF PICTURES * it's not that much anyway *
but at least, i'm trying my best to satisfy my COMPLAINER. haha ;p

so, yesterday, i went to TAWAU's HOT SPRING. guess not everyone of you know this place. well, this place is just a stone's throw away from my house. and for further infomation, check up the dictionary or see through the map or ask your dad or what cuz i DON't CARE !

i took some photo and please don't complain my pics cuz now i'm just learning how to become a professional photographer. i wanna be like RIDHO, KATRINA, SYAKILA, :) cuz you know what, the pics they've captured is DAMN FCKING A BIZZARE! my goodness, i adored them! and you know what, a common place that you always see turns into a FREAKING BEAUTIFUL SCENERY ever! they are that GREAT. trust me.

so now, let me present my hard work. just click on the pics to see it clearly :)

this is the first pic i've taken once we arrived there :)

ahha! that's my car, i mean my dad's car. YELLOW-mellow :))
this is my FAV PICTURE ^,^

i don't know who the hell he is but for sure that's the HOT SPRING that i've mentioned just now :)

that's my naughty sista who was trying to take a bath there! haha :D

so, this is the whole scenery of the HOT SPRING. nice waaa :D

well, kinda dissapointed cuz the one and only hot spring in tawau was taken granted by the tawau people and even the government. as you can see in the pictures, GARBAGE and DIRTS are all over it. i'm soo dissapointed. really hope they'll have some awareness on the self-hygine and even the cleanliness of the nature. hope soo :)

so after that, we went tooo ---

tadaa! SIN ONN TIKU! here's the prove.

this is where thay put their stuff i guess :))

haha. do see the goats! ahha! my bestiesss! KAMBENGSSS!! xD

this is the place where we went to after sin onn tiku.
it's like a village laa.

so, we stopped by to buy somoething. KUIH SEPIT !! tadaaaa!

before we reached home, we visited a renovating HUGE HOUSE in taman megah jaya. omg! that house was really BIG and you know what, the owner owns 7 cages, like kennel, but it's bigger, only for his 7 dogs. i repeat, 7 DOGSS ! my goodness, WTH? 7 dogs? guess he wants to make his house sooo sooo safe with the presence of DOGsss and even SECURITY GUARD. but'but, i love that house cuz it looks like an INDONESIAN house and it's UNIQUE ! u've got to take a look or even a visit! cuz the owner hasn't move yet. hihihihi. but people, i captured a feww pics cuz there's some security guard around and i don't want him to SCOLD me of course. so, pleasant view :)

this is the twilight view. SUPERB MANN !

this is part of his park. cooooooool :)

so, how's my pics? that's all i got. i deleted some of the photo cuz they are really look like JERK. haha. so how? look at them and rate them! leave some comments on my tagboard. COMPLAINs and COMPLIMENTs are welcome!

thanks for viewing. love u!!

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