Tuesday, December 16, 2008

my first crush :)

gee. wee. bee. hihi. crush crush crush. well, i'm a human being and YES i do crush on someone. yeaa, it's normal and i admit it. so, i've told y'all that i met someone in my last post, right? gheez, he's actually my so-called first crush. but sadly, he didn't even notice me. but anyway, got to tell y'all bout him. he's way too cool for me. YES, no kidding. :)

well, frankly, he's not that handsome, not even tall, not a genius either. *chehh, macam sak aku pandai btul*. till now, i'll smile on my own when i reminisce back the bygone days where i crushed on him that MUCH till i told my friends about him. i just can't help myself! you can't blame me for that!

so about him, he's just a simple guy and that's what i like about him! i like the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he acts. he's just HIM. specifically about him, he's one year older than me. gosh, he's CHUBBY !! *well, not a big, fat SUMO-fighter of course*. he's soo soo cute ! gosh, how could i like someone chubby, i wonder. so, he's really chubby. okei, stop it. maybe i like him JUST because he's chubby and now i'm no longer crush on him. look at him, he's so skinny now, more handsome, and he still didn't notice me. fine. i'm just his temporary admirer. i never crushed on someone like i did to HIM. he's such a special guy but now, he's no longer that special. he's just common like any guy else in this world, cuz yeaa, he's not that chubby again. haha. *i'm still wondering why i love chubby guys that much*

it was my first step to secondary school when everything started. gheez, he's a prefect and me too. so, we often get together but still, he didn't notice me. fine. it had been my hobby to watch everything he did, every step he walked, each and every time he looked at me. hihi. but he seldom noticed me. i'm just so, invincible, so nothing to look at. urghh. i'm just that INVISIBLE. i wonder he noticed me or not by now. urgh. whatever.

so when we met each other that day, he did look at me. i just don't know but he looked like he's so shocked. perhaps my sense of style in kk is way too different with mine in tawau, plus my big, huge but funky handbag *that i loved damn much*, he looked at me weirdly. it seems like he didn't look at me for ages ! maybe i looked too bulky with my huge bag and finally he noticed me? i wonder. =.='

well, i'm not going to say his name here but the only hint is that, his name ends with 'R' and he's in form 4 now. maybe some of you guys might know who he is. hihi. but anyway, i didn't crush on him that much since i had a 'relationship' with one of his close friends. so, he's over. we, girls are so not pizza that you can call and get 15 minutes later! *that's what sheena taught me* haha. that phrase is way too unique ! haha. i loved it damn much sheena ! so, the highlight for today --- girls are not pizza. LOL.

p.s : i bought this pair of shoes which was damn cute plus cool ! plus, it was sold in great price. WHY NOT ? and plus plus, i'm so skint now cuz i've spent almost all of my money! gosh. i have to make a budget by now.

so, gtg, testis and comments will be replied ASAP. i'm freaking busy right now. :)

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