Tuesday, December 30, 2008



finally, the cat is out of the bag. thank God i managed to control my emotions. everything is revealed and yeah, i got 8As + 1B.

so, my chinese ruined my whole results. but anyway, i'm not gonna commit suicide because of it. calm down people! come'on, i got two years more to go for SPM. besides, i'm not married yet! why should i give up? btw, i've done my best and this is the results.

well, it's not the matter of the product we've produced but it's the matter of effort that we've attempted. to be honest, i could see a lil dissapointment in my dad's eyes. perhaps i've dissapointed him. yes i do. but no worries dad, i'll do my bestest for my SPM in the future.

my appreciation goes to ---

1) my family : my mumy, abah, my bro, my lil sis :)

2) my teachers : Mdm Salwia, Mdm Jammansia, Miss Yap, Miss WSL, Mdm Thien, Miss Sandra, Mdm Lee, Mr Maulana and all SMSP's teachers.

3) my friends : niza, fazrina, diana, becca, izza, julayha, joey, wong suk yee, siti, nurnabilah and etc. they helped a lot.

4) and most of all, ALLAH. the one and only God. aminnn.

5)and not to forget, my books, pens, dictionaries, and my bag :D

and to all PMR candidates, i wish to convey my special CONGRATULATIONS to those who get straight As. and for those who didn't manage to achieve their target; no worries guys, the journey is not over yet, it'll be another destiny for all of you. don't be sad okei?

once again, cheers for me although it's not a straight As result. thanks a lot to those who have helped me a lot along my journey. i've gone throught minutes and seconds with the presence of you guys. thanks thanks thanks. :D

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