Wednesday, December 10, 2008


hah ! what an icky, cozy, yummy, busy, windy, breezy and rainy day. it suppose to be a sunny and perfect day today but it doesn't. and the unusual and unbelievable thing is, I MET A STRANGER TODAY. yes, no kidding.

i still remember the first time i met stranger was the day i was born, that is meeting my mom and dad and not to forget, my doctor and the nurses too. yeaa whatever. =.=' so today i've met one awesome, cool stranger who are not supposed to be called stranger. okei, stop my craps. straight to the point, i've finally met a stranger, who i've known through the net, SHEENA ! it's the second time i met online buddy after jannine.

so, first of all, i really really wanna give this really really sincere apology to my sygs, Sheena for being late for almost an hour. REALLY SORRY SHEENA ! well actually, my mom and dad had some probs which they couldn't avoid and had to solve it on the spot. so, i'm really really sorry SHEENA :)

btw people, i didn't blow her off ! haha. i'm not that mean bhaa. so, once i arrived Sabah Chicken Rice, i was like some kind of freak who just escaped from sepilok, searching for sheena in the crowd. i was like, "my God, i think she had gone mad and walked away angrily cuz i'm soo soo late right now." so, i waited for about 5 minutes in there. sitting alone without taking some order. then i realized i was soo damn fool for waiting her inside. why don't i search for her outside? gosh, i'm really that stupid.

ahha ! sheena ! i saw you ! yes, it was her. my goodness, she's so pretty, gentle and feminine. just a perfect girl, the true and pure girl. *of course she is laa bahhh* i am really really an opposite of her. she's soo feminine while i'm a clumsy lil girl who was always be labeled as a freak by the public. haha. *which i don't really care though* i'm really excited cuz finally i've met my online buddy face-to-face. my goodness ! so, we ate, drink, chat, ate, drink, chat, ate, drink, chat and finally decided to stop eating as both of us lost our appetite. i don't know these days i felt like really really HATE eating. and fortunately, i haven't been declared by the doctor as a Bulimia's patient yet. thank God.

we went around the town and reached Grace Plaza where sheena bought her conditioner while me ended by buying nothing. and yea, it was raining. fine. great =.=' we took a cab and went to the cinema straight away. it was weird, kinda, cuz the cinema looked so so much darker than it supposed to. idk why and then when i saw my uh-so-perasan bro, abg hendra the HELLBOY said BLACK OUT ! FINE. GREAT. it was really a BAD day. everyone was waiting like hell inside and even outside. with no choice, Paloma is the only shop that we can hang around. yeaa, the only shoes shop that was kinda awesome to take a look. and luckily, the power's on when we're on the way to Servay. we went back to the cinema and i gave sheena a surprise which was not looked like a surprise at all, that is a FREE cinema ticket ! haha. it's not that i'm spending her or what but it's a promise from my adopted-bro, abg Hendra. yeaa, i was really happy as he promised to spend me in conjunction of the eid. *like duit raya laa*

about the HORROR movie that i've watched with sheena just now was a total HORROR. trust me, it was that horror till you can scream even louder than the GHOSTS did ! ahahahaha ! that horror story really laugh my ASS out babe ! well, you might be asking, WTF am i talking right? i said it's scary but i laughed? even sheena's laughing. haha. actually, that story was a comedy-horror story. you know what, that story could be a heart-killing story as the horror parts came in, you'll scream out loud but laugh your ass out simultaneously as the fear and hilarious appeared at the same time. *kan sheena? you'll never understand my words since i'm really suck in using adjectives. really. but'but, that movie was such hilarious ! really funny. and yeaa, that movie was a Cantonese movie, called VAMPIRE. you should watch it. HAVE TO. i bet you'll get this weird plus amusing feelings after watching this movie all by yourself. it will definitely kill your miserables and even burst your eardrum as people are screaming like HELL in there. no joke. in short, i gave that movie 6 stars out of 5. *still, i can't help myself stop laughing til now.

after laughing for about 2 hours, we decided to go home. so yeaa, sheena, i'm home :) yeaa, almost forgotten, i met my form 6 peeps. Firman thought Abg Hendra gave me that free tickets because of something. you know. hey Firman ! i'm not that cheap bhaa. he's actually one of my relatives. haiyoo. please don't get him wrong.

well, it's undeniable that i'm talkative and friendly *chehhh* and maybe because of that, i TALK to strangers. *weird kan?* but i'm not that stupid. i know KARATE waaa. but, just don't ask what's my belt. bikin malu orhh. >.<

so overall, i love hanging out with sheena. yeaa, maybe it's the first time we met, so we didn't really have topics to talk about but i believe, we'll get along someday. nice hanging out with you sheena and most of all, you're soo SEXAYY sheena ! ahahaa ! :)

p/s : gtg go now. having party tonight :)

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