Saturday, December 6, 2008

i'm outdated ?


okei, i was snooping at kay's blog just now and i saw this one funny vid. it's andrew's video if i'm not mistaken. he's an asian, yeaa, having his own vid at the youtube. so, when i was in midst of watching that video, i realised he looked like someone but i was in ALZHEIMER and i don't remember WHO.

but after a while, i saw kay's caption below, ahha! i got it! he looked like KEVJUMBA! and i was a NOT-SO-HUGE fans of his but still a FANs. all i like about him is he's funny, yeaa, quite funny though, and most of all,

well, it's quite a while i didn't snoop around the youtube bout KevJumba and i've been living like a PALEOLITICS people who didn't even know that KevJumba is JUDGING FEMALES AS m'n'ms. WTF?? m'n'ms the CHOCs CANDY?

okei, watch this video and see how MEAN he is! hahaha. just kidding. ROFL. whatever. just watch this vid. =.='

p/s : malaysia's line is ten times WORST than other countries. but still, you have to watch this video till the end. desperate. for the FEMALEs' sake =.='

and people, if you don't regconize who the earth KevJumba is, check up the youtube and you'll see his awesome videos, kinda, hihi.

as i'm not one of the youtube's users, so i can't give him a comment cuz i'm just not one of the users. am i repeating? oww.nvm, so, he was like a GUY who disagreed to have RACISTS BABIES. yeaa, me too. how could the people on earth change their lifestyle, culture, and even SKINTONE? *i'm not a racist here but think positive, you can't expect people to have their livings to be the same ten years after, right?

so, in this case, i agreed with Kev. but kev, girls are labeled as CANDY or CHOCS or whatever it is, which i STRONGLY disagreed with, is just not RIGHT to me. just not right. okei, i'm not ANTI-ing you here, but please, don't take FEMALEs issues as JOKES. it's NOT FUNNY. =.='

whatever things i've expressed here are JUST MY EMOTIONS. *girls on period*. plus, Kev ain't gonna read my blog. will he? so people, get a life and DO WATCH Kev's videos cuz it will definitely kill your boredom. trust me :)

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