Sunday, December 7, 2008

another KevJumba ? again ?

laugh my ass out people !

these days, i've found my new drugs, that is SNOOPING AROUND THE YOUTUBE FOR IDIOTS VIDEO. haha. really. it's like drug, soo addictive. so yesterday i've said about one comedian called KevJumba right? ahha! you ain't gonna believe this. there's someone who looks much much more like KevJumba. and this time is NOT ANDREW.

i still remember when i saw Kev's face, he looks like one of my school mates. he's form 5 this year and trust me, he's the naughtiest guy ever cuz it's been a year, ME as the prefect for his class, 5 INTAN, took care of his class. and FORTUNATELY, i'm no longer the 5 Intan's victim. fuhhh. thank God.

so now, i wanna tell y'all about the naughtiest guy ever, who is 99% LOOKS LIKE KEVJUMBA, and even ANDREW could be defeated. NO JOKE. *kay, you should take a look.*

so people, prepare for the second KevJumba --- YONG SAU KIRK and his gay partner, DESMOND !! the sm st patrick's students ! and trust me, their videos are what we call the REAL hilarious, could be funnier than KevJumba's vids. hahaha. pleasant viewing :)


check out his next video. it's funny too. really funny. xD


so, how's their videos? doesn't YONG look like kevJumba? goshh, Kev, you just need to look for another 5 out of 7 twins cuz you've found Yong Sau Kirk and Andrew. yeaa, you're soo fortunate.

and people, being alike to someone doesn't mean that we need to be COMPLETELY the same as him or her, right? each and everyone of us are unique and YES we are differ to each other. we have our own talent and even our own trademark. so why should we act like someone we don't recognize? we are what we are and remember, WHAT WE EAT IS WHAT WE ARE. so people, don't eat too much!! haha. or else, you'll be like some kind of SUMO-FIGHTER who can't walk steadily with the FAT all over the body and can't even sit on a single chair ?! my goshh. hahaha xD

my goodness, i think i'm going too far. so, moral of the day, OUR REFLECTIONS IS NOT OUR REALITY. think about it :)

p/s : actually, YONG SAU KIRK had defined himself as KevJumba quite a long time ago =.=' whereas DESMOND defined himself as the Nigahiga =.='

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