Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a long night.

it's been a long night yesterday.
the cat is out of the bag, everything is revealed and finally everything is solved. i'm so glad everything is getting better now.
but still, there's gap between us that we couldn't say certain things to each other. we're just not ready yet.

it was all started when i received an unknown miss call and that person is, fariza, my school mate. we're friends but we don't really know each other like her other friends. we used to share our laughter together but we never shared our miserables but last night, we did. she asked me about him, and i confessed everything to her. i have no one else to talk to. even my besties couldn't understand me. it's too complicated. and perhaps she could be the one who can help me. so, we talked. she told me to get back with him, i just don't know. i kept thinking about it all night.

when i was in the midst of sending him a message, he sent me one. his message really make me reminicse our bygone days. it takes a while for him to reply me back and me either. i felt really guilty and the only thing that i can do is to give him a sincere apology. same goes to him. he told me that he's the one who suppose to say apology. but i was part of it too, i should apologize too for saying such crude words to him. i'm way too rusty that time that i couldn't help myself till i wrote such a word in my blog. and for the sake of everyone, i deleted that 'curse' post.

i'm glad both of us could handle everything. maybe that apology couldn't heal our damage but at least we're trying our best to make it better and i believe things will get better in time. we just need some time. and i realized, without such a thing happened, we never realize there's mistake in our relationship, we would never be more matured than ever like now.

and i would like to dedicate a special thanks to fariza cuz without her, i don't think i could settle this alone. you've helped me a lot :)

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