Saturday, August 23, 2008

why should i suffer like this ?


wokey . there're just a few days more for me to face my biggest doom --- PMR . well, i'm not so prepared yet HONESTLY and i'm not sure i can achieve good performance or not in my PMR . hope so . although u've seen d happiness n joy in evryday of my life, but behind all that things, i'm really stressful . okey .

one of the reason might caused by my parents . i'm so glad to have caring parents like them but i think they're pushing me too hard . seems like they're my pusher . no matter it is, i still love them . love them so much !

secondly, it's because of d subjects in PMR . every PMR candidates are having their normal way of life but not me . seems like i'm not one of them . it's all bcz i'm taking 9 subjects in my PMR . n d addition subject is d most difficult subject ever --- CHINESE . juz hope i can go through these suffering days .

but despite of hving such unfortunate events , i'm happy to have somone special in my life . wokey . i have a date today . it's the best date ever . well, it's not a HOT date actually, but i finally realized the real love and i'm so glad to have him in my life . thanks baby .

well. got to sleep now .
hope for a better tomorrow .
i think i'll have the saddest tommorow ever .
my bro is going back to Kk .
n him too .
face the music !
goodbye .

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

smart ko...HOT DATE ar..
sygnya aq x tgk...ada x ko rakam??
hihihi...main2 jak..
kesianya ko suffer kan...ALA..BAK KATA PEPATAH..ek..salah..peribahasa..JAUH D MATA DKT D HATI...hulurkan tgn.rgkn beban..hehehehe...
yang benar
~FAZRINA ak.a edora!!not EZORA!!ehheeh...:)