Saturday, January 3, 2009


guess you guys might be saying right now, i'm soo outdated. yeaa, to be honest, i've just gotten myself to watch twilight just now. just just now. well actually i bought twilight DVD home for quite a time. it was full of dust until i found it today.

let's get it simple, i decided not to watch twilight until i've finished reading the whole book and apparently, i didn't get the book. wherever i go, dissapointment found me. means, i didn't get the book until today but i've finished reading it! a big thanks to sheena. she sent me a PDF twilight file and i finally finished it after 7 days. at last. urgh, it's really hard to see thousands of words in your lappy you know. i just couldn't help myself but to read it.

and the book was superduper great! the usage of the words are so deep, and i love the cover. you know, the one with hand and apple. but they don't show covers in pdf. LOL. so, fine.

i decided to watch twilight today when i finally found it in my drawer. it was good, but not as good as the book. i was expecting more when it comes to a movie. maybe i know how the story goes, so it doesn't really excite me anymore. besides, a lot of scenes are cut off and some are not in the book. whatever it is, two thumbs up for robert as he had become my best hero ever! he's not that handsome to be honest. look more like a gay at first, but i fell into him when he started to have some relationship with bella. who's her name? urgh, just forget it. he's damn gentleman, super sweet and most of all, he's ROMANTIC. each and every words of his makes me melt, it was deep and i could barely fell in love to him. i said, barely. i ain't gonna have any boyfriend this year anyway. hahaha. and i don't expect him to fall into me as well, like he knows me. hahahaha. xD

overall, i give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. and the book gets 5 indeed!

p/s : this is my very first post for 2009. guess no more post after this. form 4 really freaks me out. O.o

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