Friday, January 23, 2009


there're a few friends of mine who always mentioned about their boyfriends. it seems like 'boyfriend' is something to show off about. some even call me in the middle of the night just to complain about their 'devoted' boyfriend, telling me that their boyfriend hadn’t call them yet. i mean, should i give a damn about it?

well, as for me, i've been through times of failures in relationships and broke down whenever i broke up. but for sure, they'll be no longer exist in my mind once i found a new one. HAHA. i'll never take those things serious. i ain't gonna weep all day long just because of breaking up with some stupid jerks! and hell, committing suicide is not in my mind either. trust me people, sometimes, boyfriend sucks. that means, don't blame yourself if he breaks you up. find other guys and play it like you're having awesome time. and most of all, forget about him completely.

okei, obviously we're taking about some gender stereotypes here. research tells us that there's always someone who's more tolerant and desirous in intimate communication. usually it's the woman, but not always. same goes to guys, they are usually tolerant but not always. so it's fair enough as long as there's someone who's willing to sacrifice in a relationship. right?

but, what if both guys and girls don't wanna tolerant anymore? what if guys and girls are both ego? this kind of relationship will only last for one day or two. this is not a joke people, i've experienced it.

the reason why i can't stand boyfriend any longer is because he has such a short fuse that even a little piece of friendly advice sets him off. he's too sensitive. it's like i have to be careful for every single words i was about to say. it's just too terrible and i'll go nuts if i continued.

the second thing i hate about guys is, they love to break their promises. be realistic with what you can and can't deliver on, i ain't gonna eat you if you didn't promise me! 'promise' is a big-big word. don't make a promise if you can't keep it. no one likes it when expectations are high just to later be let down by another. don't you feel annoyed when guys break plans till the very last minute?

look, i have a bad temper.

third, i hate it when my boyfriend hanging out alone with a girl who’s not a family member. let’s face it, at one point or another you had a crush on your girl best friend or vice versa. it’s no wonder that girls have problems believing that guys and girls can just be platonic friends. i just couldn't accept my boyfriend hanging out with another girl 'cause i'm totally not an out-going-person.

it's more unfair when he's not letting me go into his world. perhaps a lil privacy will do, but don't keep everything secret. at least, tell me something. if he's serious to me, he'll include me in his world thus showing that i'm one of his priorities. and if I’m important to him, I’d think he’d want me to be part of everything else in his life that’s important. so, he's not serious to me at all.

here's some advices on how to identify jerk guys. test him with the simplest math equation. if he didn't answer your question within 3 seconds, he's hiding something from you or maybe his math is just too sucks. xD

so girls, dump your boyfriend whenever you feel like to. remember girls, dump him before he dumped you. this is for the sake of yourself. you'll lose your self-esteem once he breaks you up but if you're the one who breaks him up, at least you'll not be like a hard-core. at the same time, he'll feel so guilty that he wouldn't want to forgive himself. but, make sure that he's not deciding to commit suicide. or else, you'll be the next victim of the lotus eater. crap. xD

as a conclusion, SINGLE IS BETTER.
it's enjoyable and most of all, you can do whatever you want to. doesn't it fun?

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