Tuesday, January 27, 2009

bahasa melayu part 1

the second post for today. i dreamt about davedays last night! hoho. stupid. -.-

actually, i snooped around sheena's blog just now. hoho.
something truly unbelievable thing happened.
she posted one entry in bahasa melayu!
it sounds funny, really funny. so here it goes,

right click to enlarge

those highlighted are my favourite. i love the phrase 'jantan durjana' the most. LMAO ! no BM novels' writer would write such a thing. you know, novels these days are boring. no offense. something fresh and creative like this should be published as a novel, not some boring articles which could make one slept the whole through. hoho. anywho, i love your BM sheena! you should be a writer for the sake of Bahasa Malaysia. ROFL. xD

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