Tuesday, May 3, 2011

just a few words to say =')

i had loved april, events that occurred last month had been favourable: especially on the royal wedding. hehe! =D

it would cost such a great loss if someone had missed the live broadcast of this magnificent wedding of the century. owh, it was the sweetest fairytale ever :)

yeah i know sitting in front of the television wouldn't be as pleasant as hours of standing in the midst of Westminster Abbey. but i must admit that everything was exquisitely beautiful! kate looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress and william looked like he was the happiest man in the world =D

it was a real life fairytale. how i wish i could be like kate someday. prince harry, will you marry me? lol xD

owh, in case you're wondering where have i been missing for the last two months (bajet orang baca blog dia. lol xD) i went to MARA's scholarship interview last week in kk and it went quite well. alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, i was blessed with wonderful people around me, who had been helping me, even until the last minute, owh, i have no idea how to thank you guys! =')

special thanks to my parents, my big brother and my lil sister, my teachers, aunty natashah and teacher pauline, my friends (especially those who attended the interview), family friend from perak: uncle malik and muhaimin, family friend from kedah: uncle sobri and aunty, nazreen and baku --> owh, you helped a lotttt :)


hope for good news. amin. by the way, alhamdulillah and congratulations to my bestiee: andy nurehan and a few friends of mine for getting places in Tanta University in Egypt, to kakak mumun and fera for the driving license and to nazreen sobri for the scholar! owh, you guys rock! godspeed guys! =)

to andy, kaka mumun, amirah, laima, safe'nana, fera, iswari, niza, kiki, inma, fatihah, zaimah, fadzillah, semualah! :)
ya Allah, permudahkanlah jalan kami ya Allah, kekalkan lah persahabatan hamba-Mu bersama ukhti-ukhti ini ya Allah, mereka terlalu banyak membantu hamba-Mu ketika hamba-Mu sedang rapuh dan goyah. insyaAllah, Allah Al-alim, Allah akan tunjukkan apa yang terbaik. amin.

sahabat-sahabatku, saya cinta kamu sampai mati. ukhwah fillah =')

okay, till then. assalamualaikum! =D


VoNs Yvonne said...


Farhan Sobri said...

haha, I was around Tralfagar Square to see the screening of the wedding. to many people around Westminster Abbey that they had to but barricades but that didn't stop approx 1 million plus people being there!

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

owh, you're so lucky! it was the most perfect wedding ever =D

sue. said...

syg....ble u nk kawen plk ni....nnt jgn lupa jemput sue tau..


Nabila Azureen Azis said...

hohoho. belum ada orang pinang agi arh sue! kalau tunggu prince harry jawabnya smpai ke tua la x kawen2.

insyaAllah jodoh smpai kawen laa. *eh, lama lagi lah* ngehehe, doakan yang baik buat saya! =D

Andy Nurehan Adibah Rahim said...

amin ya rabbal alamin. Ya Allah, kau permudahkan sahabatku ini untuk mencapai impiannya,. bukakan jalan untuk nya Ya Allah. =D luv u yin! thanx a lot too!