Monday, January 5, 2009

taylor swift.

people, my another addiction, COUNTRY SONGS. i kept listening to Taylor Swift's country songs these few days, namely 'Love Story', 'You're not Sorry', 'Tear drops on my guitar', 'Should have say no' etc. they are quite nice actually and i've been hearing it over and over again. it's not that i'm addicted or obsessed to her, it's just that i like her songs. so relaxing and most of all, i love it when it comes to guitar. :D

she was once having relationship with Joe Jonas, *my another addiction*, but sadly, it was over. well, i don't give a damn about them actually but doesn't they look great together? if you compared to Camillia Belle, who's Joe Jonas current scandal i guess. uh, whatever.

so back to Taylor, i love one her songs most which i've just discovered it just now, YOU BELONG WITH ME. i'm not sure it's an old song of hers but i just like it. who cares?. so, i've put it into my friendster profile, hee hee :D

well, actually i'm not planning to be on the line today. just check out my fs and my blog and unfortunately, i've discovered this song and now, another new post for you guys. HAHA.

so, sit back and relax. listen to her song and you'll feel better. perhaps this song seems related to me, myself and the reasons why i'm still so in love with him. huhu.

and btw, today is my first day to school. nothing much except a surprise from me to the whole school. HAHA, people are asking me like HELL. they didn't recognize me even my besties 'cause once and for all, I WEAR TUDUNG TO SCHOOL. they kept asking me why and my answer is, cause i like it and you've shouldn't give a damn about it. FULLSTOP.

p/s : i break my 6th new year's resolution. okei, perhaps i can start from zero, i guess or else i will never achieve my target. HA HA HA. =.=

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