Monday, January 26, 2009



hey hey people, it's chinese new year and i was grounded at home. life's getting stupid these days and i kept getting myself involved with some stupid stuff. you know, busy with school stuff, brass band, prefects board etc. while my friends? they've become more insane studying too much. this is one of the examples.

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see? my classmate, yvonne had discovered a brand new mixture of literature component and chemistry long-winded formula. pity her, she studied too much. LOL. just kidding yvonne.

since today was chinese new year, so we got some cny's eve celebration last night. we're not chinese laa weyh. just having some integration celebration, it's fun what. we went to pizza, met my uncle and aunt plus my lil cousins. they're having their dinner there. they are totally wild that would drive people crazy. get some prove, i went nuts last night. people in pizza hut are staring at me like hell while i was entertaining my lil cousins. don't blame me, that's a natural phenomenon. to them, i'm totally a freak. stupid heh?

and yesterday too, when i finished my bath, i got message from kay. gosh, i didn't expect her to get my number from myaa just to invite me joining her trip to kk. hoho. she's terribly desperate going to kk. i think she craved on her Big Mac that much. LOL. she kept asking me if i could join her or not but to my and her disappointment, i can't make it. my mom would nag me all day long for going to kk alone. and this morning, she had enjoyed her hols in kk. i think she ate her Big Mac for her lunch today. just kidding, kay.

grr, yesterday, yeah, yesterday, some stranger text me. and to my surprise, the one who text me was sis dyan's cousin, who is my schoolmate surprisingly. sis dyan told him about me. we text all day long yesterday. he's quite a nice person and he's form 5 this year. hoho. a coincidence heh? so now, we're friends :)

that's all about stupidity. until my next stupider post, chow ! xD

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