Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i love DaveDays !

OMG, another davedays' video. this is hilarious people! way much funnier than andrew, kevjumba and the other comedians etc. hoho. he's such a loser when i first watched his video about the 7 things. but now, i think i'm starting falling in love with him. i love the way he modified those lyrics. his lyrics suck though but they are cool.
gosh, i love DaveDays.

yesterday, for the whole day, i snooped around Youtube just to check out all his vids. namely, 'no one', 'katie's song', 'i can't wait to see miley', 'summer plan meeting miley', they're all funny vids. he's totally a huge fan of miley cause he's like so desperate to meet miley and invent some stupid lyrics just because of her. what can i say, insane can happen in many ways. LOL.

and now, i think i'm the one who go nuts because of Davedays. i even put his song into my friendster profile. his songs are so addictive, even drugs can be defeated. LMAO! Davedays, i love you more than i love my ipod! davedays, marry me! you're sooo hot!

p.s : you should check out his other vids in Youtube. he's a great singer! ROFL. xD

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