Wednesday, December 3, 2008

random update =.='

THIS GIRL is having some prob with her online-hour
she was GROUNDED and she's not allowed online at nights.

HER bro just got back from kaykay.
HER house was a mess
HER room was 'neater'
and'and having some date on the 6th.
wish HER LUCK !

p/s : i don't even know WTH am i posting these days.

don't ever trust me guys. the word 'grounded' actually means i'm not going anywhere for my own reason, not parents laa. cuz i'm soo SKINT now.
no money no life =.='

and to my phone spammer, i've deleted all your sms dear.
you're sucks ! LMAO ! get a life ! GTFO !

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